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Tottenham Hotspur Virtual Mascots Programme


Tottenham Hotspur’s match day mascots programme presented by Kumho Tyre is the Club’s flagship engagement initiative for junior members and other young fans. It provides the opportunity for young supporters to get close to their heroes and experience match day from a unique perspective alongside the first-team.


The constraints around playing matches behind closed doors prevented the Club from delivering a physical mascot experience. With a long waiting list and mascots assigned to matches months in advance, we wanted to be the first and only Premier League Club to deliver a wholly virtual mascot experience to the lucky few who were eagerly anticipating their big day.


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In order to achieve this, we analysed the Club’s digital ecosystem to implement an innovative virtual mascot journey that used the cutting edge technology in the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and the Club’s far reaching digital platforms to ensure that our mascots were central to each match day. We created a consistent identity to the programme which gave the mascots a digital presence on the jumbo screens in the stadium at key moments of the game. We also introduced the mascots to our fans by announcing a specific mascot line-up on social media in an irreverent way ahead of each match and profiled them on N17 Live, the Club’s first ever in stadium broadcast hosted on social media.


Finally, we used the profile of our star players to drive awareness of the initiative through surprise messages and we rewarded some of the Club’s young fans who had suffered most during the pandemic.


Given the success of the initiative, the Club and Kumho Tyre will be continuing to deliver the Virtual Mascot Programme into the 20/21 Season.