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The events of 2020 have shown us that watching top-level sport is more of aural experience then many of us ever realised. When the German Bundesliga became the first major league to return without crowds, it tended to feel hollow. What’s a goal without a roar? A save without a gasp? A horrible tackle without a chorus of outrage?


So ahead of the return of the Premier League in June, Sky Sports partnered with EA Sports to bring the atmosphere back. We used an archive of real crowd sounds to ensure no action went uncelebrated, and to give our customers a familiar experience in the most unfamiliar of times.


We wanted to make the new normal, a bit more normal for football fans.


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At the start of the Premier League’s restart, audiences were delighted to simply see football back on their screens – but with matches played night after night we needed to give them the best experience possible, connecting them to the game they love when they were excluded from the grounds.


Augmented sound has since become a standardised option for all Premier League broadcasters and the learnings have been used across Sky’s portfolio of live sports as other events returned.


Sky Sports prides itself as the home of sport in the UK and we wanted to offer an extraordinary service in extraordinary times. In this instance, that meant making things feel a little more ordinary!


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