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One Day in July: ICC X Wimbledon


One Day in July, a short-form documentary, was a ground-breaking content collaboration between the International Cricket Council and The All England Lawn Tennis Club, recalling the extraordinary events of Sunday 14 July 2019 as the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup and The Championships drew to their thrilling conclusions.


The joint venture began in an off the cuff, reactive social media moment. As England’s men’s team were battling New Zealand in an historic ‘super over’ at Lord’s and Novak Djokovic was fighting off two match points against Roger Federer to claim the Gentlemen’s Singles title following the first ever fifth set tie-break, a Twitter exchange between @Wimbledon and @ICC reflected the sublime chaos:


@Wimbledon: “Hello @ICC – how are you coping your end?”

@ICC: “Things are a bit hectic here right now, we’ll get back to you”


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– 0.36 mins

The success of the tweets – they amassed a combined 107.3k likes and 23.7k RTs – and the resulting broadcast numbers offered quantitative insight into a sporting public gripped. And so, once the dust settled, the two organisations, alongside content agency LiveWire Sport, set about celebrating this truly unique day.


What resulted was an 11m56s documentary, released in December 2019, which charted the unfolding story of 14 July through a never-before-seen blend of cricket and tennis, interspersed with the live fan reaction.


In a world of fragmented sports consumption, the point of difference was in the first-of-its-kind collaboration: two rightsholders with vastly different broadcast portfolios, coming together to produce a piece of content befitting of one of the most captivating days of sport in history.


It was described by SportsPro Media as “an unprecedented commemorative effort that could point the way to all kinds of collaboration in the future.”


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