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Breaking boundaries and perceptions: The ICC Womens T20 World Cup 2020


In early 2019, the ICC set out with a bold ambition; to fill Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) – the world’s largest cricketing venue – for the Women’s T20 World Cup Final and break records for a women’s sporting event.


The hosts, Australia, embraces sport like few other nations and their women’s team dominates the game like no others can. This recipe, coupled with an underlying theme of empowerment as we brought the game’s biggest stars down under helped set the stage for unprecedented success (oh, and we even managed to get Katy Perry too!)


We set out to attract new fans in Australia and around the world, bring people closer than ever before and create a digital and broadcast experience like no other to elevate these superstars to a stage of their own.


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From the outset, the sentiment was clear – this was a tournament worthy of its status as a standalone ICC event. Indeed, ‘The ladies were leading the way’ in a special year for the sport down under with an ICC women’s and men’s event scheduled either side of the Australian winter. The ICC is investing in the women’s game and Cricket Australia share that ambition to show to the world what these players have to offer. New lines were drawn, and new stars were made for millions of young girls and boys around the world.


Then, on the 8th March – International Women’s Day 2020 – 86,174 fans packed into the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground to witness history being made in what was not just a life changing moment in women’s cricket, but in women’s sport.


The results speak for themselves.


The most successful women’s cricket tournament ever. On digital, on broadcast, for our sponsors and for our fans. Australia were crowned champions, but all of us were winners.


Check out all the confirmed speakers who’ll be joining us in the studio on 5 – 8 October 2020.