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When coronavirus stopped play in March, it had a catastrophic impact on physical activity at the time we all needed the physical and emotional benefits it brings the most.


Sport England’s Join the Movement campaign cut through the endless bleak, hard-hitting messages a bewildered public was, with a positive, energetic tone. Rather than focusing on what we couldn’t do, it celebrated what many were, with an engaging humour and lightness. It made a virtue out of a necessary reliance on user-generated content – timescales and lockdown restrictions precluded filmsets and photoshoots – by asking people to share their activity footage.


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The diverse compilation was mixed with a funky Fat Boy Slim track, bright colours and energetic graphics to create a celebration of the public’s innovation, resilience and creativity, underpinned by a call to action that invited people to visit Sport England’s authoritative online hub for activity ideas. It was supported with positive social media, digital and radio advertising that took advantage of changing media consumptions patterns.


A digital toolkit of graphics, messaging. hashtags and overlays allowed businesses of all shapes and sizes including England Rugby, Department for Health and BBC Sport to join Join the Movement too. further amplifying our message and helping our social media reach nearly 37 million people. The supporting PR campaign generated over 800 article sin national and local TV, radio and press.


The activities the campaign promoted – walking, running and online workouts – all rose disproportionately – 65% of adults walked in the previous week, 45% did some home-based activity, 21% did online activity at home, 20% jogged and 16% cycled.


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