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Because Baseball was founded to build bridges of friendship in the Middle East. Beginning in Egypt, Because Baseball uses baseball to bring people together, cultivating community at three levels: the family, local and international spheres. By offering a new inclusive way to play, Because Baseball models a better, more inclusive way to live in community.


In its first two full years of program implementation Because Baseball grew from a small Spring Training of 40 kids and their parents to the inaugural baseball league for Egyptian youth (the first Major League Baseball youth affiliate in the Middle East) with school-based and orphanage-based programs.


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A train-the-trainers approach empowers Egyptian PE teachers and other caring adults to become the next generation of baseball coaches, thereby assuring the sustained growth of both the program and the sport.


Because Baseball also builds community within the US with its coaching exchange program, seeking to foster a two-way exchange of understanding between the east and west – acknowledging differences while celebrating commonalities. Additionally, Because Baseball partnered with the Washington Nationals in 2019 for Major League Baseball’s first Arab Heritage Night, a historic milestone using baseball to build bridges of friendship with Arab communities of the US.


Because Baseball is privately funded by individual donors, foundations, and corporations. Partners like Major League Baseball, the San Francisco Giants, Pitch In For Baseball and Softball, Franklin Sports, New Balance, Easton Baseball and New Era provide monetary support, equipment, and supplies for Because Baseball’s youth league and partner schools.


Over time, as Because Baseball expands throughout the Middle East, baseball will increasingly become a common language for building community thereby breaking down generational, socio-economic, and even cultural barriers. Lessons learned on the field of play will be translated onto the field of life