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Cadbury’s core values are community, heritage, and generosity, reinforcing it as a much-loved brand and part of the cultural fabric of the nation. So why bother partnering with 20 football clubs?


Because football plays everywhere, at home, on the local pitch and in the community creating positive moments with friends and family. Clubs are the beating heart of UK football and offer fans a sense of belonging and community which aligns with Cadbury’s brand values and leads to opportunities to grow the business due football’s huge following.


Whether it be by donating chocolate bars, helping small businesses, supporting the elderly or building stadium facilities. Cadbury donated over £1m worth of product and media assets linked to its Club partnerships, to help raise awareness of local businesses and community initiatives.


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We didn’t only focus on the big clubs, we also supported lower league and grassroots teams such as Rhyl and Grenfell Athletic – donating partnership assets and using our expertise to create bespoke Cadbury bars relevant to their teams and donating 100% of profits to help develop and grow these clubs.


Overall, our football club partnerships have enabled Cadbury to reach into the heart of communities, support local people and businesses at a time of great uncertainty and need. Staying true to the community values upon which John Cadbury founded the company in 1824.


Check out all the confirmed details for Leaders Week London as we prepare for the return of live events this October at Twickenham Stadium. Not to worry though, for those who can’t join us we’ll still be broadcasting the event live to the Leaders Week Direct virtual event platform.