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Esports Engine and Vindex

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Behind every Call of Duty championship and Twitch Rivals broadcast, there’s a behind-the-scenes team of industry professionals that pulls the strings – making sure that everything from event design to production and broadcast falls seamlessly into place.


For key video games stakeholders like Microsoft, Activision Blizzard, Riot Games, Nintendo, Twitch and more, that company is Esports Engine. Founded in October 2019, Esports Engine has built a world-class team with the most innovative and intimate knowledge of esports event operations and production. From event ideation to event broadcast, Esports Engine works with their partners to develop some of esports’ most iconic events and deliver fans the content they crave.


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Over the past year, Esports Engine has helped lead the esports industry through the murky waters of the pandemic and pivot to the new, remote world to provide esports fans with content to help distract from the stress and isolation of the pandemic. Esports Engine has designed and executed esports programs across upwards of 50 different esports and gaming titles, and in 2020 alone, produced over 2,300 broadcast and live event hours in 2020 across more than 550 studio days between its Burbank, California and Columbus, Ohio locations.


Esports Engine is the primary business vertical of Vindex, an esports and technology company that serves as the connective tissue between gamers and games, co-founded by Major League Gaming co-founders Mike Sepso and Sundance DiGiovanni.



Check out all the confirmed details for Leaders Week London as we prepare for the return of live events this October at Twickenham Stadium. Not to worry though, for those who can’t join us we’ll still be broadcasting the event live to the Leaders Week Direct virtual event platform.