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In April 2021, the European Tour and one of its major partners, Callaway, staged a Guinness World Record attempt of epic proportions: “The Farthest Shot in Golf”. Filmed on a runway in York, professional golfer Marcus Armitage had to land a golf ball into a moving car at a distance of over 273 yards to break a record previously set in 2012.


Following three previous successful Guinness World Record content pieces across 2016-2019, this was the most ambitious production that the European Tour had ever staged, incorporating 12 cameras, 2 cranes, 39 crew onsite and a car travelling at speeds of over 170mph.


This piece took a professional golfer and car driver and tested their respective skills in a unique, engaging and never-before-seen scenario, with the added drama of an official Guinness World Record at stake. The aim was to promote the European Tour and key commercial partner, Callaway, by producing an exhilarating and accessible video that transcended typical golf fans, and this was achieved by taking the sport of golf that is publicly perceived as being slow and often straitlaced, and reimagining it in a fast-paced, invigorating way that appealed to a much wider audience.


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“The Farthest Shot in Golf” was also a rare example of perfectly collaborative branded content that achieved its commercial deliverables, subtly incorporating Callaway brand messaging and product integration, without diminishing the integrity of the piece and the audience’s enjoyment, which was demonstrated by the success of the organic social performance of the video.


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