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For a regular golf broadcast, viewers only see ten percent of the golf shots over the four rounds. At the 2021 PLAYERS Championship, Every Shot Live was the first-time golf fans could watch all 154 players in the field play all 18 holes live. Over the four days of competition PGA TOUR Entertainment produced 176 unique broadcasts, 850+ hours of live content.


Utilizing Hawkeye Innovations SMART live production platform, PGA TOUR Entertainment was able to gather 120 cameras and 100 microphones around the course, display tracers on every tee shot, and have fully automated and persistent scoring graphics on every program. Each program was created by a single operator who was logged in remotely into SMART to produce the program. The 176 programs were delivered to broadcast partners around the world thru AWS Media Services. AWS Media Services allowed the flexibility to create multiple types of output streams, each tailored to the broadcast partners specific needs for integration on their unique platform.


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Every Shot Live allowed fans to target their favorite players for the first time. The best example was French Golfer Victor Perez. Starting the final round outside of the top 25, he more than likely would not have been shown in the broadcasts. Because of Every Shot Live Canal+ France was able to feature Perez’s final round on their platform. Giving his fans the ability to watch him race up to the leader and finish inside of the top 10 at THE PLAYERS and generating the highest traffic Canal+ France had for any live golf broadcast on their platform that day.


Every Shot Live represents the future of broadcasting live golf where golf fans are given the opportunity to see their favorite golfer from the beginning of the opening round to their finish, live as it happens.


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