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2020 marked the 70th Anniversary of Formula 1, and while the pinnacle of motorsport looked forward to celebrating the milestone with a record 22-race calendar across five continents, the COVID-19 pandemic brought those plans to an abrupt halt at the eleventh hour in Melbourne. Retelling one of the most dramatic years in F1 history, Season 3 of the Netflix Original Formula 1: Drive to Survive, executive-produced by Academy-Award winner James Gay Rees (Amy, Senna) and Paul Martin (Diego Maradona) of Box to Box Films, provided an access all areas look as the sport’s community came together to return to racing in the most extraordinary circumstances to produce a historic season.


Through award-winning broadcasting from Formula One Management and exclusive, candid interviews with key personnel from across the grid, captured by Box to Box Films, Formula 1: Drive to Survive combined exhilarating on-track footage of the season’s biggest moments, with key insight from those at the heart of the action. Building on the huge success of the previous two series, Formula 1: Drive to Survive, continued to bring the sport’s elite athletes to new audiences and make well-known superstars of the drivers and team principals that F1 fans know and love.


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While Formula 1: Drive to Survive is designed to open the sport up to new audiences, it also provides an extra level of access to those who are already fully embedded in the greatest racing spectacle on the planet. Now in its third season, Formula 1: Drive to Survive finds itself unknowingly entwined in the narrative of the season.


Now a fully established part of the motorsport calendar, it is clear Formula 1: Drive to Survive is not just an F1 documentary, but part of the F1 experience.



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