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Take us Home is a one of a kind football documentary.


It’s not just a fly on the wall football film – though there is plenty of behind the scenes insight – it’s a celebration of a club, its supporters and an entire city. A story about hope and resilience in a turbulent year on the pitch and in life.


Viewers get frank assessments from players and club executives on a rollercoaster 2019/20 season in the two 45 minute episodes of Take us Home: Promotion Special. They get a sense of the dedication (and hurt) that many fans have experienced following the club. They also get to know the players’ families.


The episodes chart the 2019/20 season. Just as things are going great – with promotion looking more than likely – Covid-19 hits. Viewers see the empty streets of Leeds and feel the uncertainty that has settled on the whole city. The show concludes with Leeds returning from lockdown to secure promotion, and beautiful scenes of celebration after months of hardship.


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Threaded through the story is the mercurial figure of Leeds’s iconic coach Marcelo Bielsa. The show secured unprecedented access to the manager and his views on football and its place in the world add a rich layer to the narrative. Shot in a cinematic style and narrated by Russel Crowe, the show rivals any scripted show for emotion, suspense and drama.

Take us Home is a series for everyone – from Leeds United fans, to sports fans, to just fans of a great story.NEO Studios are Executive Producers of Take us Home. NEO is a production company specialising in the creation of original sport and lifestyle programming. They have executive produced both series of ‘Take us Home: Leeds United’ for Amazon Prime Video.


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