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Southampton Football Club and Unit 9

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In 2020, Southampton’s marketing team and production partner Unit 9 had to pivot last minute to activate a new 2020 kit launch campaign after the coronavirus pandemic derailed months of planning.


Southampton FC have a history of creating disruptive, award winning content with their kit launches that get recognition above and beyond their fan base, and in 2020 they set out to do this again to support the club’s 135th year anniversary.


The kit design was a nod to the club’s history and resembled the first ever kit worn by the club. A video content launch campaign using the first team players had been developed and production was about to begin….and then the pandemic hit.


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With the country in lockdown and with filming and access to the players no longer an option, the marketing team had to re-think quickly. Should they accept defeat and deliver a low-key, easy to execute campaign, or think innovatively to develop another idea that still aimed to achieve the same objectives and tap into a forced consumer behavior change of being in lockdown (e.g. increased mobile screen time).


The outcome was ‘DEFYING THE ODDS SINCE 1885’ – An 8-bit, retro inspired mobile game (to support the retro kit) that enabled users to players to travel back in time and play their way through the club’s history to unlock the brand new home kit. This was the first time a football kit had ever been released through via mobile game.


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