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Monumental Sports & Entertainment and Washington Wizards

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The Washington Wizards have a unique position being in a world class city which offers a global demographic and operating under an ownership group, Monumental Sports & Entertainment, comprised of leaders of diverse backgrounds and pioneers in technology and digital innovation. With nearly 200 embassies and one-in-five international residents, the Washington Wizards know how to powerfully connect to huge audiences across a fully integrated range of cutting-edge media platforms.


The drafting of the two newest members of the Washington Wizards – Rui Hachimura of Japan and Deni Avdija of Israel – afforded the team an opportunity to combine their expertise in engaging and activating globally-interested fans with creative storytelling. The launch of the Washington Wizards multi-language social and online content platforms in Japanese and Hebrew – a first-ever for an NBA team – was only the first step. Next season, the Wizards will be launching content in German, Portuguese, Spanish – learning from their existing success.


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MSE’s Washington Wizards are the first NBA team with social and online content in 4 different languages – English, Japanese, Hebrew and Chinese – and the first ever in the league with content in Japanese and Hebrew.


Growing the brand in these languages capitalizes on the tens of millions of visitors who natively speak these languages and travel to Washington D.C. for work or leisure. Domestic and international visitor spending through the five years preceding 2018 grew nearly half a billion dollars each year – totaling nearly $8 billion in 2018 alone. Fifteen percent of visitor spending went to the sports and entertainment industry. Washington D.C. has become a destination location for global visitors to specifically come watch our international players play – boasting one of the most international rosters with seven players from six different countries in the 2020-21 season. An entire line within the hospitality industry has sprung up around them.


Check out all the confirmed details for Leaders Week London as we prepare for the return of live events this October at Twickenham Stadium. Not to worry though, for those who can’t join us we’ll still be broadcasting the event live to the Leaders Week Direct virtual event platform.