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Distributed Timekeeping


The COVID-19 pandemic brought the sport world to a stop with most events either postponed or cancelled. In an attempt to answer this crisis, right holders have turned to different forms of virtual alternatives to keep providing content to their audiences. We therefore asked ourselves: how could we contribute to bring real sports back on TV and other digital platforms? Distributed Timekeeping was our answer!


Distributed Timekeeping consists in 3 unique novelties setting new technological standards in the sports event industry: Distributed Timing and Scoring, Virtual Photofinish and Remote Operations.


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For the first time, distributed timing and scoring allows a sport event organizer to run a programme of live events, with athletes competing simultaneously in different location across the globe. As an example, in a 100m athletics or swimming race, each athlete performs from his own venue against other opponents simultaneously. Performance is captured and synchronized to produce LIVE results for the audience.


Virtual photofinish consists in generating a traditional photofinish by merging synchronized feeds from separate and distant photofinish cameras. Although athletes are physically running in remote venues, they all appear on the same photofinish picture as if they would have run on the same track. The first ever official virtual photofinish picture, produced at The Inspiration Games organized by Weltklasse Zürich (a Wanda Diamond League exhibition event) can be seen in the supporting material section.


Remote operations of all the technological equipment avoids the need for timekeepers to travel to the many different host countries, which simplifies deployment and limits risks related to potential COVID-19 exposure. Hardware and computers are all securely connected to the same network leveraging cloud-based technology and data can therefore be retrieved and synchronized to produce all the needed outputs such as result feeds, TV Graphics and Public Scoreboards.


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