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The PGA TOUR is the world’s premier membership organization for touring professional golfers, co-sanctioning more than 130 tournaments worldwide.


In 2019, the PGA TOUR partnered with to build TOURCast, a revolutionary interactive golf shot tracker that lets fans track players as they move around the golf course in real-time. The platform enables fans to track each player’s shots on a 3D rendering of each hole and view valuable player statistics. It is the first—and the only platform that allows fans to see shapes of every player’s tee shot using TrackMan radar technology.


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TOURCast is a first-in-class, data-driven platform that also leverages SHOTLink, powered by CDW, to draw shot trails on the 3D renderings (created by Animated Research Ltd. (ARL).) The innovative platform provides golf fans with a new and enhanced way to follow a PGA TOUR tournament live as it allows fans to replay each player’s shots at any time. The platform enables users to manipulate camera positioning in the 3D model to watch the course from their preferred angle. TOURCast is highly customizable according to users’ needs—the product allows a user to follow any player shot-by-shot, hole-to-hole, through an entire round of live play. Video clips from the TV broadcast are automatically inserted into TOURCast well.


The TOURCast product is perfect for the busy golf fan—when a tournament is complete; a user can come back to TOURCast and replay a player’s entire tournament experience from start to finish. Ultimately, TOURCast is a data-driven and user-centric innovation designed with fans’ needs in mind.


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