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First Ever Virtual NFL Draft


For the first time in NFL history, the Draft, a typically buzz worthy live event for the players, League and brands alike, was held virtually. As the “Official Sound” of the NFL, not only did Bose collaborate with league partners to provide quality communication, they partnered with 46 of the 58 NFL Draft rookies during a life-changing night to support them in one of the biggest moments of their career. For the first time, the #1 overall Draft pick, and others, used Bose headphones to accept their invite to the NFL.


In addition, Bose worked with the League, all 32 NFL teams and media partners to equip them with Bose’s best-in-class products for a successful virtual Draft. This included gifting headphones, headsets and speakers to remote coaches, staff, reporters, players, their families, and even the NFL Commissioner, positioning Bose as an integral thread in holding the Draft together. The brand’s unrivaled sound quality and its array of products throughout the homes of rookies, teams and League members allowed Bose to own the night as the Official Sound and proved that cutting-edge sound technology is endemic to sports on and off the field.


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