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Without fans, sport loses its soul. So throughout the lockdown and easing of restrictions as live sport returned, BT Sport delivered a Fans Reunited strategy. It made lockdown sport as real and relevant as it can be. It brought fans together.


As well as innovations such as crowd noise, BT Sport uniquely enhanced the experience through innovations including (Fan Parks) – a huge video wall in the studios which enhanced the live coverage, bringing passion, fun, colour and noise into studio coverage from fans nationwide, which otherwise would have been sterile without fans in grounds, and, (Listen In) –  a new format which took fans inside the empty stadiums, getting candid insight into the matches by using new audio tech which revealed tactical insights from the managers and what the players were saying to each other.


The strategy enabled BT Sport to remain true to its fan-first brand: relevant, vibrant and engaging thanks to the experiences and innovations.


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