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Team Vitality and adidas


adidas became Team Vitality’s official partner in 2017 which highlighted their first step into Esports. Since then, the partnership has expanded to a seamless collaboration including co-branded products, content collaborations, influencer and media activations and co-created events. All leading to innovative and engaging experiences.


The partnership creates an opportunity to benefit both businesses, growing their awareness into different sectors. Team Vitality is one of the world’s leading esports organisations within the billion dollar industry, with nine top performing teams in eight games, and has a network of influencers and pro players in the young and digital space.


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adidas is a leading sports and lifestyle company gathering and celebrating creators, athletes, entertainers, artists and communities. Both adidas and Team Vitality common values and desire of creativity generate outstanding experiences to their respective audiences in order to build an authentic voice with a huge commitment to shape the future of Esports.


The partnership lives online as well as offline as one of the best examples of a partnership in Esports, it goes beyond what is currently achieved in traditional sport sponsorship.


Thanks to the diversity and consistency of the collaboration, in 2019 alone, the partnership saw 3,200 posts across Team Vitality and adidas social media channels, achieving over 2.2 billion impressions and 12.4 million engagements on Team Vitality accounts. At the end of 2019 adidas and Team Vitality extended the partnership for several years.


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