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With its foundation set in the 15th Asian Games in 2006, Aspire’s sports city began to take root. The original venues were revamped and repurposed and are now icons in the current sports city skyline. After the completion of its renovation, Khalifa International Stadium is now the first stadium delivered and ready to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™. Its finalisation affirms the country’s influence as a leader in the global sports industry and sets the unprecedented standard for not only 2022, but for years beyond. Already setting global standards in sports city management, Aspire Zone Foundation incorporates an array of innovative organisations to offer fully integrated services. Our award-winning team includes, but is not limited to, an educational and sports training academy, orthopaedic and sports medicine hospital, world-class sports venues, turf research centre, hospitality and facilities management, five-star accommodation as well as a variety of unique restaurants. Aspire prides itself on the ability and expertise to provide seamless and all-encompassing services which fuel the promising vision to be the reference in sports excellence worldwide by 2020.


Aspire Zone Foundation offers a matchless destination for sports excellence. With an ambitious vision to lead sports performance globally, the foundation delivers comprehensive opportunities for sports development and education, elite training programmes and specialised sports medicine services, supported by sports facilities built to the highest global standards.


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Aspire Zone Foundation (Aspire) represents the State of Qatar’s commitment to foster excellence, with a multi-faceted responsibility of hosting integrated global sporting events, growing Qatar’s athletic talent, and proving ongoing medical and logistical support for local and international clubs. Aspire’s model is among the world’s most innovative and forward-looking. It ensures a full year-round calendar of events and activities that covers the needs of professional athletes, global sports bodies and the general public.



Aspire Zone Foundation provides an ideal platform for nurturing sport talent. Since its establishment in 2004, Aspire Academy has scouted promising talent in football as well as various athletic disciplines, built customised training programmes around it and inspired the truly ambitious among them to reach the pinnacle of global sporting achievements.



Aspire is committed to providing public access to a variety of sports and activities, including fitness programmes, sporting events, marathons, walks, outdoor gym facilities, running tracks, green areas and family health activities.



Aspire’s unique positioning in global sports combined with elite facilities and a world-class team of experts managing all aspects of its operations, creates a dynamic sports ecosystem. Aspire contributes to the overall sports economy by bringing together performance specialists, athlete representatives, sports businesses, clubs, organizing bodies, and facility specialists to answer the needs of the most outstanding and visionary sporting projects in a regional and global context.


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