We are living in
uncertain times.
Now more than ever
the industry needs to
come together to discuss,
plan, share knowledge
and meet new allies.

Leaders never shy away,
Leaders talk,
Leaders listen,
Leaders learn,
Leaders overcome,
Leaders find a way

LeadersWeek.direct/ is back

In May 2020, 2400 industry leaders tuned into LeadersWeek.direct/ for a week of content and connection when the world was in lockdown.

This October, LeadersWeek.direct/ is back to unite the world of sport & entertainment while the industry is being rebuilt. Now more than ever you need to stay connected, make influential connections and analyse the future.

We learnt a lot from our first large-scale digital event earlier this year. This time round we want to deliver you a more personalised experience, with diverse content across three brand new channels, and additional opportunities to interact with your peers.


Explore the key themes that will be examined at LeadersWeek.direct/ in October here.

Spectators > Viewers > Consumers: Fans & fandom and how they’re changing
Money: Where it is and what it’s doing. New revenue streams and business models
The nuts and bolts of hosting sport: upgrading your live event toolbox
Accelerating change: staying ahead of the curve when it’s bending fast
Challenger mentality: maximising your resources, optimising your approach
The role of the athlete: creator, ambassador, advocate, billionaire, pauper
Esports, gaming and virtual becomes reality

Join us at LeadersWeek.direct/

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