/2020 Key themes

Fours days of expert insight exploring sport’s future

The covid pandemic has changed every aspect of the sports industry and the demands on executives are greater than ever. After extensive research, our content team have identified the key trends which will allow you to gain that competitive advantage. We’re bringing together expert guests from all over the globe to share their insight, providing tangible takeaways which you can implement into your business.



Spectators > Viewers > Consumers: Fans & fandom and how they’re changing

The relationship between fans and sports organisations is currently in flux. Throughout this half day, we focus on the fan as we examine everything from their changing mindset and habits, to how teams can safely reintroduce fans to games.

  • How to successfully host games with fans
  • How fan behaviours are changing
  • Monetising fans in the absence of full live events
  • How media habits are shifting and how to respond

Money: Where it is and what it’s doing? New revenue streams and business models

Difficult business decisions are being made and entirely new models evaluated as teams and leagues look to survive and thrive in the short and long-term. Hear perspectives from around the world on the hard decisions, how they’re being made and what the keys are to future growth.

  • Implementing new business plans to ensure long-term health of your sport
  • Is now the time for venture capital or private equity investment?
  • Understanding new areas of revenue growth
  • Restructuring your organisation from top to bottom

The nuts and bolts of hosting sport: upgrading your live event toolbox

Hosting live events are huge undertakings at the best of times and the prospect of safely hosting matches now and in the future throws up multiple challenges. Security, safety, hygiene, logistics and operational planning are more important than ever. For this half day, we bring together executives who have the unenviable task of operating live events as they explain what goes into the planning stages and how adaptability is the key to success.

  • How other industries have hosted live events with and without fans
  • Incorporating fans back into your stadiums in a safe manner
  • The new logistical live event challenge
  • What role does hospitality now play?

Accelerating change: staying ahead of the curve when it’s bending fast

Decades of change have been forced through in a matter of months, causing disruption, accelerated innovation and a rapid response. From digital transformation to societal issues, we’ll examine how organisations have changed and what further fresh approaches are required for organisations to meet the demands of the day.

  • Best in class case studies of rapid digital transformation during lockdown
  • Understanding societal change and the role sport plays within that
  • How technology can help enhance live sporting events
  • Reimagining corporate governance and how to foster inclusivity

Challenger mentality: maximising your resources, optimising your approach

In challenging times, it’s vital to be lean, mean and smart. This half day will be dedicated to the challenger sports organisations who are driving innovation to help stand out in a crowded field as they fight for survival and ensure a bright future, and examine how organisations of all sizes should approach the new economic reality.

  • What unique challenges are smaller rightsholders facing?
  • Organisational efficiency and changing the mindset
  • Creating a winning team on a smaller budget
  • Standing out in a crowded and competitive field

The role of the athlete: creator, ambassador, advocate, billionaire, pauper

The era of digitally native, socially aware professional athletes is upon us. We’ll assess how the modern athlete can use their influence, to promote social causes, advocate for change, support charitable causes, create compelling content and deliver for brand partners, and what the implications are for rights holders, brands and broadcasters.

  • Athletes as content creators and advocates for change
  • Which social platforms achieve most reach
  • Understanding the modern skills required to build and engage a substantial following
  • The economic reality of being a professional athlete in 2020

Esports, gaming and virtual becomes reality

Esports has an ever-increasing focus as rightsholders and broadcasters pivoted to virtual events during the pandemic, while major investments by major platforms reflects a huge growth in gaming. As live sport returns, what role does esports now play, how has Covid changed its standing in the overall ecosystem and what can sports organisations learn from the gaming revolution.

  • What role does esports play for rightsholders now that live sport has returned?
  • Understanding how the pandemic has accelerated the merging of esports and traditional sports
  • How has esports changed following the pandemic?
  • Getting to grips with online gaming and the lessons for sport

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