The high calibre of our judges is matched by the high standards that we hold them to and the rigorous processes they undertake. Leaders would like to thank the 2019 judging panel for helping shape this year’s
Leaders Sports Awards.

2019 Judges

Integrity Partner

Steering Committee

Thank you to the Steering Committee who have supported and helped shape the Leaders Sports Awards.

Aaron Gourley, FC Business // Akshay Khanna, StubHub // Ben Crossing, Hawkeye // Chad Biagini, Nolan Partners // Cherry Ye, DAZN // Christine Mitchell. Vodafone (UK) // Dan Grey, Sport Acuity // Dave Callan, Team Ineos // Eugene Cariaga, Getty Images // James Faure, CSM Live // James Rutherford, Tottenham // Jenny Mann, (former Head of Sports Partnerships at IOC) // Jessica Craig, Ironman // Julia Tranter, Tennis Australia // Kevin McCullagh, SportBusiness // Kiran Paranjpe, Google // Leanne Arnold, M-is // Lingling Liu, JTA China // Marisa Reich, Infront Sports & Media // Robert Zitzmann, Jung von Matt // Richard Davies, Cirque du Soleil // Shane Campbell, BT Sport// Thierry Borra, Sport Matters Consultanting //

The Evening

Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road, London, United Kingdom

9 October 2019