Judging Process

Our stringent judging process for the Leaders Sports Awards and Leaders Under 40 Awards is the driving force behind the organisations, partnerships, campaigns, networks and countries celebrated and given a global platform.

See below the judging stages for the Leaders Under 40 Awards.

Stage 1

We undertake a 6 month global search to collect nominations from all geographies, sports and organisations, to identify the best talent under the age of 40 in the sport business industry.

Stage 2

A long shortlist of candidates is selected by a number of industry experts and Academic Advisors. The Leaders team gather additional information on each of these candidates, including the creation of a personal profile.

Stage 3

The Chairman of the Judges then interviews each of the candidates, with all of the research notes transcribed after the interview.

Stage 4

All of the information on the candidates is presented to 50+ independent Judges, a senior group of industry experts from around the world. The Judges meet to review, debate and validate every candidate, with attention focused on what they have achieved in the last 12 months.

Stage 5

The Judges will then vote anonymously on who they think should be included in the Leaders Under 40 Awards Class of 2018. The independent scoring is confidentially validated by the Chairman of the Judges.

Stage 6

Finally, the Leaders Under 40 Awards Class of 2019 will be announced in July. And the prestigious Awards dinner, to celebrate all the members of the Class of 2019, will take place 9 October 2019 at the Natural History Museum.

The Evening

Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road, London, United Kingdom

8 October 2020