| Nov 20, 2018
In association with with the ABB FIA Formula E Championship

The Leaders Performance Institute partnered with the ABB FIA Formula E Championship to launch the Innovation Lab challenge, a brand new feature to The Sport Performance Summit, London 2018. We’re excited to announce this year’s winner is Track 160, offering a groundbreaking player and ball optical tracking solution.

The Innovation Lab was been created by Leaders to provide a new platform: connecting creative new companies and their cutting-edge technologies with the performance decision makers who can drive them forward. The format was a ‘Dragon’s Den style’ pitch on stage to an audience of delegates and a panel of judges from SAP, Formula E and more at the end of Day One of the summit.

The 6 shortlisted start-ups covered a wide range of sports technology from AI, to physiologoy, computer tracking and athlete learning. The panel of expert judges included Head of Innovation at Western Bulldogs, Sam Robertson, who we spoke to after the pitches were made:


“We’re looking for some (start-ups) who have the ability to keep their eye on not just next year but in 5, 10 years time and how their ideas can be sustainable in the future.” Sam tells Leaders, “when we’re ruling about a start up it needs to be scalable, transportable into other disciplines, other sports.”


On Day Two, we announced the first ever Innovation Lab winners – Track160 – whose solutions are based on cutting edge deep learning and computer vision technology.


“It’s a real challenge to convey all your messages in only 5 minutes.” Dr Micky Tamir, Founder, Track 160.I tried to bring the message of deep learning sport technology and I think we and a few others are pioneers in that. We use deep learning, AI, machine learning and computer vision to track the players in a match and track the ball in 3D. We can calculate the tactical and performance parameters that coaches, players, federations and media would like to have.”  


To hear the full interview and get the full low-down on the event, check out our behind the scenes podcast.

To find out more about our winners, visit their website or follow them on Twitter.


Track 160 company bio

Track160 was established in 2017 by Dr. Miki Tamir and Micha Birnbaum, leading experts in the field of sports technology and computer vision. Miki Tamir is one of the founders of Orad, Vumii, Sportvu, Stergen and Pixelot.

Track160 provides a solution to the emerging field of sports information analysis using AI, and offers an innovative way to track players / ball and tactical information production and performance analysis. Track160’s technology enables teams and coaches to get rid of cumbersome GPS and RF sensors and switch to fully automatic tracking without the need for a human operator. The system generates a per game or training session data-set, based on optical tracking of the players and the ball, decoded and catalogued by Deep Learning technologies developed exclusively by the company.

The use of an optical system only, which connects to an analysis product for the field coaches, is a breakthrough and a significant leap forward in the sports data market in terms of accuracy and ease of collection and installation.

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