| Mar 10, 2021


Having driven the most forward-thinking knowledge in the sports performance industry surrounding human performance for many years, Leaders and Keiser are delighted to announce a further two-year extension to their existing partnership. The agreement also marks a very special milestone, as both companies celebrate 10 years of partnership.


The continuation of the partnership marks a new-level of commitment between Keiser and the Leaders Performance Institute to push the boundaries of thinking within human performance, through connecting the global high performance community with the latest industry intelligence and insights, and tailored opportunities to share knowledge, to continue to help drive forward the sports performance industry.


To celebrate the special milestone, the Leaders Performance Institute have cast an eye back to lift 10 industry-defining insights within human performance and strength & conditioning and over the last decade. Throughout the year, Keiser will also be offering exclusive incentives to Leaders Performance Institute members.


Simon Lau, Co-Founder and Vice Chair of Leaders in Sport said:

“We’re delighted to extend our partnership with Keiser which dates back to 2011. The values of the Keiser brand are similar to those of Leaders, in that everything they do is about high quality and finding solutions in the pursuit of continual improvement.”


Alastair Watson, VP of Keiser said:

“For over 40 years Keiser has been at the cutting edge of the industry, now with more than 80% of the top professional sports teams in the world training with Keiser equipment. Like us, the Leaders Performance Institute is committed to striving for better performance, and we’re thrilled to reach this milestone and continue driving the industry forward together.”


For more information about Keiser and the Leaders Performance Institute please click below:


Keiser: https://www.keiser.com/

Keiser logo


Leaders Performance Institute: https://leadersinsport.com/performance/

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