| Jun 19, 2018
Leaders have partnered with the video captioning specialists, Dotsub, to increase the reach and engagement of their video content.

Leaders, the premium global conference and publishing organisation in sport, have partnered with the video captioning specialists, Dotsub, to increase the reach and engagement of their video content.


Dotsub allows video publishers to maximise their global fan engagement, through multilingual captions. Whether it’s overcoming the auto-mute settings of social media, localising video content for different markets or fulfilling corporate social responsibility, Dotsub boosts video engagement by as much 40% across all platforms.

In a mobile first world – with video being the medium of choice for both Millennials and Generation Z – Dotsub helps video publishers and rights holders engage their fans in every corner of the globe.

Leaders Head of Marketing, Milly Preston, said: “This partnership will allow us to take a big step forwards in our video strategy and will create greater accessibility for our global audience. Dotsub have secured some of the world’s most revered sporting franchises and brands this year and we’re delighted to become one of them ourselves.”

Ben Dobson, Dotsub’s Head of Sports Partnerships, said: “With the proliferation of video content set to continue, and the vast majority of this content being consumed on a mobile device, it is vital for video publishers to adapt to these changes and take every opportunity to ensure their content isn’t lost in the fold.”

By adding captions to their videos, Leaders will overcome the auto-mute restrictions of social media, improve accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing and, through multilingual captions, engage with the thousands of sports industry leaders around the world that rely upon their cutting edge content.”

As a platform that is passionate about increasing the reach of sports video, Dotsub could not be happier to partner with, what we regard as, the world’s foremost sports events company. Having been fortunate enough to attend Leaders Week in London and New York in person, I’m excited about the role our partnership will play in boosting the engagement of this high calibre content.”

Founded in New York in 2009, with offices worldwide, Dotsub is the trusted caption partner for Fortune 500 companies, OTT platforms and rights holders across every continent.


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