| Oct 25, 2018
PlatypusNeuro uses advanced brain imaging technology and biometric measurement tools to assess neurocognitive performance and identify improvement opportunities.

The Leaders Performance Institute has partnered with neuroscience leaders Platypus Institute to grow awareness of how neuroscience can be applied to improve performance in elite sports. 

As neuroscience becomes the next frontier in leadership and performance, this partnership will provide scientifically validated research and technology to help answer the many questions surrounding neuroplasticity.

PlatypusNeuro uses advanced brain imaging technology and biometric measurement tools to assess neurocognitive performance and identify improvement opportunities. This combined with proprietary neurotechnology derived through extensive research with elite military teams and top athletes gives users tools to rewire their brains in ways that directly impact real-world performance.

 “Leaders is proud to be at the forefront of innovation in human performance, so we’re excited to align with a brand that’s making waves in the application of neuroscience to improving performance in sport. This complex and intriguing field is sure to be integral to our continuous mission to gain that extra 1%, and we’re looking forward to sharing Platypus’ great work with our audience”Laura McQueen, Managing Director, Leaders in Sport

Platypus Institute counts a growing and impressive list of clients, including teams from the NBA, National Rugby League and international golf. The stellar advisory board is made up of senior members from the field of neuroscience with experience at organisations such as Harvard, DARPA, Red Bull and the Military.

“Platypus is honored to partner with Leaders, an organization that has consistently been an innovator and thought leader in the elite performance world.  We look forward to working together as we pursue our driving mission – to dramatically upgrade human performance.” Dr. David Bach, CEO, Platypus Institute

About Platypus Institute

The Platypus Institute is a NeuroPerformance company that uses proprietary, cutting-edge neurotechnology to help the world’s most elite performers unlock their brain’s exponential capacity and optimize their performance.  Our Human 2.0 Brain Upgrade program is based on real science and delivers exceptional outcomes that transform the human experience, enabling elite performers to dominate on and off the field.  Our leadership team includes top neuroscientists from DARPA and senior business executives who previously built five very successful companies. Combined, we have 51 patents, over 100 publications, and extensive proprietary technology. For more information visit us at http://www.platypusneuro.com

 About Leaders

Leaders is the premium conference and content platform for leaders in world sport, connecting senior industry leaders and create essential market intelligence to professionally develop sport on and off the field with a multimedia platform that publishes all year round to 100,000 sports industry leaders. The Leaders Performance Institute is an exclusive community of 600 leading global performance organisations from Super Bowl winners Philadelphia Eagles and Premier League Champions Manchester City FC, to artistic pioneers Cirque Du Soleil and academic institutions like Stanford University. The Institute is dedicated to offering essential insight into the world of high performance from daily articles published online, to podcasts, videos and in-depth research projects, live events like The Sport Performance Summit plus other virtual and facilitated networking opportunities. For more information, follow Leaders_Insight on Twitter.


PLATYPUS Press Contact:

Jamie Gallo
[email protected]

+1 877-218-9066


LEADERS Press Contact:

Emily Robbins
+44 207 042 8662
[email protected]


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