Human Performance, Performance | Oct 1, 2021

As part of the Athlete Optimisation Series produced in partnership with Keiser, our team are catching up with some of the industry’s leading practitioners to explore current thinking, challenges and opportunities around the focused theme of Athlete Optimisation.

Joining us for the first of two conversations was Jeremy Bettle, New York City FC’s Performance Director and Matt Barbini, the National Team Director of Performance for USA Swimming. On the agenda for the conversation was:

  • In terms of Jeremy and Matt’s respective programmes, what are the current focuses in terms of athlete optimisation?
  • Performance Optimisation vs. Systemic Optimisation.
  • Exploring periodisation and its relationship with individual development plans.
  • Gaps in our programmes – areas for improvement.
  • Sustaining a performance culture.

This discussion was captured as part of our Athlete Optimisation Series, a 10-week deep-dive into Human Performance produced in collaboration with series partner Keiser – to uncover the insights you need to push the limits of your athletes.

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