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AccuPower Solutions’ Founder on the growth of the force plate company and how it aims to revolutionise the development of biomechanical analysis in elite sport.

AccuPower Solutions’ Founder on the growth of the force plate company and how it aims to revolutionise the development of biomechanical analysis in elite sport.

By David Cushnan

Since it was created in 2005, the three-dimensional, portable AccuPower Force Platform has become recognised as the ‘gold standard’ for measurement of power, landing dynamics and human movement. It also spawned AccuPower Solutions, a company which works with educational institutions and elite sports organisations around the world, constantly refining and honing the software used as part of the system. The aim is to provide a robust, streamlined process for delivering complicated biomechanics analysis.

The Utah-based company, Founder Steve Swanson says, benefits from a first-to-market advantage in an increasingly competitive landscape. “We’ve been doing force plate analysis software with integrated video longer than anyone in the business, since 2005,” he explains. Common test protocols include walking, running, jumping, cutting or landing manoeuvers, as well as strength-based measures and lifting— Olympic lifts or even an isometric pull.

“Our time is spent continually developing new features in the software, integrating with new technology, and obviously testing those, and conducting training and workshops for our clients.”

AccuPower’s current customer list includes organisations as diverse as Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the Naval Special Warfare Development Group. Its elite sport roster features the likes of the Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks from the NBA, Detroit Red Wings, New York Rangers and Edmonton Oilers from the NHL, Major League Soccer newcomers Atlanta United FC and Sporting KC, plus Premier League teams Manchester City and Swansea City, and Premiership Rugby’s Worcester Warriors. One of the NFL’s perennial top teams has also used AccuPower solutions for the past few years.

Real time video integration with three-dimensional force measures is a fundamental component of AccuPower’s offering. The company was the first to integrate colour video with real-time forces in 2007, in collaboration with Dartfish Coaching software, but has recently moved towards developing its own video acquisition service. “We decided we wanted to increase the frame rate and number of cameras to enhance the features,” Swanson explains, “Now, we provide high-speed, high-resolution cameras that will capture at up to 200 frames per second and we synchronise the 3D force data with full-resolution video.”

“Basically, you get a live feed of the actual time series force data. It’s important to emphasise that with the technology we use, the forces are captured in three dimensions. Along with useful feedback on mechanics or technique, real-time display also provides an instantaneous way of knowing if your data is correct or not because the force vector shows the point, direction and magnitude of force application.”

At last year’s National Hockey League (NHL) Combine, AccuPower Solutions was able to deliver results – in video and data form – to the league’s scouting network within 30 minutes of the event ending.

“The work leading up to that day, with the design of our new release of software and the integration of the video, plus all the validity and reliability work that went into our preparation for the Combine, was a huge success,” Swanson reflects. “I think the slow but steady growth of the company in terms of customer base and increasing the number of our elite sport customers that are trusting our product and services is also a big success.”

AccuPower Solutions’ Founder Steve Swanson and Vice President Pete Leno will be attending the Leaders Sport Performance Summit in Los Angeles this week. For more information about the event, click here. Find out more about AccuPower Solutions here.

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