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Character Over Cover Drives

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By John Portch

The ability of sport to pivot during this pandemic has been impressive.

Inspired by steps taken by athletes, coaches and practitioners across the globe, Performance asked as many as we could to reflect on what they had learned.

Here, we present their problems, challenges and opportunities in their own words. As you might expect, there were a range of answers, but a common thread was the increased time for personal growth and self-reflection.

“With great respect and compassion for all those affected, it’s been an amazingly inspiring period,” says Justin Langer, our cover star. In a little over two years as Head Coach, Langer has led the Australia men’s cricket team back to the top of the world rankings and earned universal respect in the process.

The cricket fans amongst you will recall him opening the batting for Australia in the 1990s and 2000s and recognise a team he has fashioned in his own image: resilient, determined and blessed with considerable skill. Here, he reflects on his tenure thus far and how cricket has shaped him as a leader.

Elsewhere in this edition, we speak to Seattle Storm GM Alisha Valavanis about her team’s latest WNBA championship and how the league is powered by its advocacy for causes of social justice.

The New Year is also an opportunity for Performance to resurface some of the Leaders Performance Institute’s best stories from 2020. To that end, we highlight the initiative shown by McLaren F1 who, when their season was postponed, turned their attention to the production of ventilators at the request of the British government; we also bring you respected GB field hockey coach Danny Kerry and his views on building a winning environment; and finally, neuroscientist Julia Jones – AKA Dr Rock – detailing why music and sound could be game-changers for sport.

We wish you a happy New Year and trust you will find something within these pages to pique your interest or inspire your next project.

Stay safe and well.

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