Data & Innovation, Human Performance, Performance | Jul 23, 2019
The Bavarians are finding the blend that ensures their data is supporting their intuition in meaningful and insightful ways.


Augsburger Panther have been looking for a solution to develop a competitive advantage while at the same time keep their players healthy and prevent injuries. They wanted to gain and monitor performance data for the daily training control and management of the workload of each player.

For the Panther the most important metrics for an assessment are acceleration and deceleration, distance, time on ice, number of shifts, changes of direction and the force that occurs during bodychecks.


KINEXON PERFORM tracking & analytics as a fixed installation in the arena. The system is based on UWB, works perfectly in indoor environments and has no interferences with Wi-Fi networks. It is in use at every practice and home game in the arena.

Additionally, at home games, select data is displayed on the video wall in the arena to enhance the hockey experience for the fans and provide them with deeper insights into the game.

The technology of KINEXON, paired with our skills to implement the knowledge gained in the daily work, has taken our training to a new level on and off the ice.

Sven Herzog, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Augsburger Panther


With the KINEXON PERFORM hockey solution, Augsburger Panther are able to optimize their training, monitor the load of their players and compare acute to chronic workload. They can quantify everything that happens on the ice and thus see immediately if a player is in risk of under- or overtraining or if he is exactly in what they call his “sweet spot”.

The system is also used to bring players back to their previous level of fitness after they suffered an injury. A rehabilitation and return-to-play protocol allows the medical team and coaching staff to determine whether a player is ready for competition again. For their work in the field of injury prevention, they won the prestigious “VBG Prevention Award Sport 2018“ in the category “Overall Concept”.


The success of the Panther since using the system in 2016 proves the point: a decreased number of injuries and players that are at their optimal readiness at each game thanks to KINEXON. The cooperation will continue over the next years and new features will be implemented.

The information that we were able to get through KINEXON over the last two years changed the way I actually structure my entire practice week. And by doing that I am able to optimize the readiness of our players before they step on the ice for a game.

Mike Stewart, Head Coach, Augsburger Panther


  • Develop a competitive advantage
  • Keep players healthy
  • Prevent injuries


  • Optimized training scheme
  • Balanced acute to chronic workload
  • VBG Prevention Award Sport 2018


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