Human Performance | Mar 31, 2016

Whether it is new technology, research or practices, the field of sports science continues to expand the possibilities for sporting performance. Here are 10 Twitter feeds that will help you keep your finger on the pulse.

  1. Yann Le Meur – @YLMSportScience Followers: 47k

    Yann is a Sport Scientist at the research department at the National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance in Paris. Yann’s infographics are a great tool for any sports practitioners.

  2. Ross Tucker – @Scienceofsport Followers: 51k

    Ross is a Professor of Exercise Physiology with the School of Medicine of the University of the Free State. He is also the scientific and research consultant to World Rugby, ambassador and scientific advisor to Virgin Active and Adidas.

  3. Greg Whyte – @gpwhyte Followers: 21k

    Greg is Professor of Sport & Exercise Science at Liverpool John Moores University. He is a former modern pentathlete, Greg competed in two Olympic Games and has won European bronze and World Championship silver medals.

  4. Martin Buchheit – @mart1buch Followers: 11k

    Martin is a Sport Scientist and Strength & Conditioning Coach, who is currently the Head of Performance at French Ligue1 champions Paris Saint-Germain FC.

  5. Andrew Jones – @AndyBeetroot Followers: 14k

    Andrew is a Professor of Applied Physiology & Associate Dean at Exeter University. He specializes in Exercise Physiology, Sport Science, Nutrition, Training & Performance.

  6. Asker Jeukendrup – @Jeukendrup Followers: 26k

    Asker is currently a Visiting Professor at Loughborough University, UK and the Director of mysportscience.

  7. Stuart Phillips – @mackinprof Followers: 19.5k

    Stuart is the Director, McMaster Centre for Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Research in Ontario Canada. St 

  8. Keith Baar – @musclescience Followers: 11.5k

    Keith is the Assistant Professor and Head of the Functional Molecular Biology Lab at the University of California, Davis, where Keith and his team focus on musculoskeletal development and adaptation.

  9. Jo Clubb – @JoClubbSportSci  Followers: 2.5k

    Jo is an Applied Sport Scientist for the NHL franchise, Buffalo Sabres. Jo has also represented EPL side Chelsea before moving to the Sabres in 2015. 

  10. Xavi Schelling – @xschelling Followers: 3k

    Xavi is part of the Sports Science and Performance team at the San Antonio Spurs. Xavi moved to the Spurs in 2014 to head up the applied science department after a spell in Spain.



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