Ramel Smith, Milwaukee Bucks

Developing Great Belief in Self

Ramel is the dynamic Team Psychologist and the Mental Performance Coach to NBA basketball team, the Milwaukee Bucks. He conducts testing and interviews for the draft process and works directly with the players, individually and in a group setting. He has a hugely passionate and innovative philosophy, which has made him an integral part of the new era under young Head Coach Jason Kidd in Milwaukee, who is of course known himself as one of the most forward thinking coaches in the NBA. Ramel is hugely diverse in his work, and alongside working with the Bucks, he also provides mental counselling to inmates at Wisconsin Department of Corrections, child and adolescent therapy support at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and also produces and hosts his own cable TV show, helping address mental health issues in the Greater Milwaukee community.

In this video, Ramel discusses the importance of ‘positive thinking’ on player performance, how the greatest athletes all have great self belief in their ability and finally reveals his strategy for achieving peak performance.

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