Psychology | 23.10.15

Trevor Moawad, Alabama Crimson Tide Football

Repairing Confidence and Addressing Self Doubt

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Trevor is one of sport’s most recognised mental performance coaches, and has consulted with a variety of elite organizations in both sports and in business. He is well known for being the mental coach to Seattle Seahawks quarterback and Super Bowl Champion, Russell Wilson. He has worked closely with the best coach in college football Nick Saban and his Alabama Crimson Tide football program for the past eight years, and six consecutive seasons with Florida State football coach Jimbo Fisher – he works with both coaches and players, and has been part of the teams for four of the last six national championship finals. Trevor has also been part of the Memphis Grizzlies set up this year, and in the past worked with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins as well as strategic partners in the armed forces special operations community.

In this session snippet from The Leaders Sport Performance Summit in New York, 2015, Trevor discusses ensuring the process is in place to focus on the smaller wins of team performances, then building upon those wins to eventually cross the line first.

Leaders Meet: Wellbeing

21 May 2019

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