Data & Analytics, Performance | Sep 19, 2018
KINEXON’s tracking technology works by placing wearable intelligent sensors on athletes, which combine with an intuitive web-application to collect data in real time.

The Leaders Performance Institute has partnered with technological innovators KINEXON to grow awareness of sensor technology, with the aim of helping elite athlete performance.

KINEXON’s tracking technology works by placing wearable intelligent sensors on athletes, which combine with an intuitive web-application to collect data in real time to measure, analyse and visualise the athletic and tactical performance of teams and individuals.


“Leaders is committed to shining a spotlight on innovation in the performance space. We’re excited to join forces with this fantastic brand, who are already bringing benefits to our members across the NBA and beyond. With the increased opportunities available from technology in sport, it’s the perfect time for us to work with Kinexon to educate the industry on how technology can help teams and leagues drive their performance and inform their decision making.” Laura McQueen, Managing Director, Leaders in Sport


KINEXON boasts an impressive roll-call of clients, including 14 teams from the NBA including the Philadepliphia 76ers. The 76ers have gone so far as to credit Kinexon for keeping all-star Joel Embiid at the top of his game (sportstechie).


“Technologies in sport are on the rise. With our solution, we pave the way for precise real-time performance and tactical analysis. We are glad to partner up with the most important global network in sport, and look forward to bringing elite sports performance to the next level of data analytics.”Maximilian Schmidt, Co-founder and Managing Director, KINEXON Sports & Media



Founded in 2012 by scientists of the Technical University Munich, KINEXON Sports & Media develops cutting-edge solutions for precise localisation and motion sensing of professional athletes in various sports. The portfolio includes both hardware (e.g. sensors, anchors) for real-time detection of precise data as well as software solutions for smart data processing and analytics. The system offers an unrivalled tracking technology for indoor and outdoor use that locates athletes and objects (e.g. football, handball, puck) with centimetre-accuracy in real-time. The company has received numerous awards for its products and services, including awards from the European Space Agency, the European Commission and the State of Bavaria. It is headquartered in Munich and has an office in New York City.

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KINNEXON Press Contact:
Tanja Biesinger
+49 89 / 200 61 65 – 36
[email protected]

LEADERS Press Contact:
Emily Robbins
+44 207 042 8662
[email protected]


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