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Leaders Performance Digest

Tuchel in and Wenger Out; Boston Celtics in with a shout; Jason Witten has run his last route.
Luke Whitworth

Welcome one and all to 36th edition of the Leaders Performance Digest. Doesn’t time fly? We’re back again to tell you what’s hot and what’s really hot in the world of high performance sport. Scroll, click, read and as always, feel free to share.

It is Mental Health Awareness week, and here at Leaders we’re passionate about and dedicated to helping spread the word on this important topic. Are you doing enough? Is your team doing enough? We reflect on some mental wellbeing initiatives, and I’ll also point you in the direction of some discussions on psychological safety, parts one and two.

Let’s end the stigma.

5 questions, answered

  1. Thomas Tuchel has landed himself the PSG job, but what did he do during his year off?

This is what. But he’s back in the big time, with an exciting challenge ahead. Talented coach and lovely chap by all accounts. Viel Glück, mon amie…

  1. Like our good friend Arsène Wenger, do you feel like it’s time for change?

If so, these four principles here could help give you the best opportunity to implement successful transformation across your team or organisation.

If you’re interested in self-development, and the topic of change management in particular, then our Leadership Development Days could be for you. Get in touch, if so.

  1. Will the Golden State Warriors be crowned NBA champs again this year?

Quite possibly. They have a team of superstars, but they have a superstar leader too. Coach Kerr’s secret? Sharing power, giving the players a say and ‘nudging them in the right direction’.

  1. Frustrated with a talented player who isn’t playing to their strengths?

There might be a reason for that. Observe them, and use your role as a leader to identify and highlight what you think their strengths are.

  1. Do you have an interest in the brain?

Be careful. If you look for insights from the world of psychology to impact on the performance of your players, you could be falling for a neuro-myth or two. We’ve taken a mental note of this, too.

The Digest, Digested

The secrets of the ‘high-potential’ personality (8mins)

Learning by teaching others is extremely effective (3mins)

Why talented people don’t use their strengths (5mins)

Steve Kerr, the Golden State Warriors, and the Art of Sharing Power (6mins)

Anthony Lynn Gets his Degree for his Players, for his Family and for Himself (14mins)

Brad Stevens and the Celtics have a special brand of toughness (12mins)

Win or lose, Leinster have raised the bar in developing young players (5mins)

How to Identify Talent: Five Lessons from the NFL Draft (7mins)

How to be a better boss (5mins)

How Can Too Much Success Lead To Failure? Golfer Jason Day Will Explain (5mins)

An Open Letter about Female Coaches (12mins)

What are the six traits that predict achievement?

  1. Conscientiousness
  2. Adjustment (ability to cope w. pressure)
  3. Ambiguity acceptance
  4. Curiosity
  5. Risk approach (courage)
  6. Competitiveness

Read on…

Change is Gonna Come

Thomas and Arsène along with many other coaches and owners are debating and implementing change this summer. But what’s the truth about how to successfully transform your organisation? Some analysis on conventional wisdom surrounding big, risky transformation, here.

Live and learn

What’s the best way to learn? Help others learn. That’s the findings of a new study, which highlights that teaching someone else is actually an extremely effective way to improve your own ability to take in new information. Oh, and here’s a few more tips on how to learn better.

Talking of learning, Coca-Cola’s talent scout recently outlined some of the qualities they look for in their future employees – good collaborators, and ‘high learning agility’ are amongst them.

And as if by magic, the topics of learning and Coca-Cola lead me nicely on to this piece on Los Angeles Chargers head coach, Anthony Lynn – he recently cracked open a can in celebration at gaining his degree from UNLV.

Brooklyn Boston Grit?

We’re profiled Coach Stevens and co. in the digest before, as they’re having a tremendous season, even with their sickening array of injuries. It’s a ‘fierce’ team, and credit has to go to Stevens for the culture of toughness he’s created in Massachusetts.

What about ‘The Process’?

The 76ers’ season was ended by Stevens’ Celtics last week, so the question on many people’s lips is simply – was ‘the process’ worth it? According to star man Joel Embiid, this is just the beginning.

One process that has worked well is that of Leinster Rugby, who won their first European Cup in six years – congrats to our friend Stuart Lancaster and the rest of the team’s leadership in Dublin. One thing’s for sure, youth development had a big part to play in their recent successes.

Best in Class

The NFL rookies are already making their impact at their new teams, and the NBA young guns will be doing the same before long, too. What can the NFL draft teach us about talent identification? Five lessons, here.

And if you’re a leader who is trying to build a winning team, whether that be players or staff alike, then read on.

Bossin’ it

There’s no simple way to become a good manager – being able to inspire and motivate can be tougher than it sounds. So what traits can you add to your armoury to make sure you’re getting the most out of someone? Prof. Julian Birkinshaw share five things to get you started.

So, what makes a good boss or coach? Here’s the view of a couple of cricket leaders Ottis Gibson and Eoin Morgan.

Which reminds me of the thought-provoking work that Matthew Betsey and Cricket Australia are doing to answer the question: Can Former Athletes Be Taught How to Coach?

Three is a Magic Number

How many letters in MVP? Three. How many words does it take to become one? Three. That’s the advice from Von Miller. And he knows a thing or two about success.

Michelin Star

Forbes have once again determined the ‘Best Employers’ in the USA through a water-tight survey with market research company Statista. Michelin sit top of the list, so what makes their culture so good? More info here, and full list here.

Success Disease

What led Jason Day to not winning anything in 2016 or 2017? Too much success, then too much stress. Once again, in #MHAW18, we should be aware of burnout in our athletes.


Teamwork makes the dream work. Just ask Coach Garrett, he’s full of admiration for his unselfish outgoing tight end, Jason Witten.


Have you heard what Pau Gasol has to say about female coaches? Probably, unless you’re living under a rock. On the off chance you haven’t, this refreshing article is well worth a read.

What can Formula One crashes tell us about workplace rivalries?

Here’s what. There’s data for everything these days…

First Port-al of Call

He’s the movement coach to the stars, and he could help you and your athletes too.

Here’s what your Myers-Briggs type will tell you…

…about whether you’ll take the Myers-Briggs test.

They just do things right in New Zealand, don’t they?

The All Blacks are admired far and wide, and now a reason for their soccer counterparts to be revered, too. Kudos to Andy Martin and co.

It’s a funny old game

…and it’s a funny old language, too.


FC Bayern Munich have struck a partnership with the Japanese FA.


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