Performance | Jul 11, 2019
Hear all about our debut in A-Town; the USWNT regain the World Cup crown; 8 leadership books that you won’t be able to put down

Good morning high performance fans, here’s your bi-weekly blend of what’s happening in the world of sport. ½ a cup of lessons, a teaspoon of story and a big bunch of insights all mixed together and ready to digest. Take a seat, chug it down and reap the rewards. Let’s go…

6 questions, answered

1. How can I catch up on everything that happened at the Leaders Sport Performance Summit in Atlanta if I couldn’t make it there in person?
We’ve got your back guys and girls…

2. How does a Formula 1 race team correlate driver instincts with hard data?
Toto Wolff and his Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport team explain their strategy.

3. How much do coaches matter?
Andre Iguodala has some thoughts on the matter. So does Google’s former CEO, Eric Schmidt. Both points of view articulated here by Sam Walker. 

4. How did the Houston Astros become the model MLB franchise?
By disrupting their approach to player development. And it worked. Here’s how.

5. How much should the past record of a leader be a guide for how they will handle their next job?
Not as much as we might think. Context, collaboration and character are as important as qualifications.

6. Is there another Leaders Special Report on the horizon?
Yes, there sure is. And the topic this time is Data & Analytics. For now, check out our last Special Report on the theme of Wellbeing in Elite Sport, here.

The Digest, Digested

It’s a numbers game

663 speeches as Chrysler CEO…
…and these are the valuable lessons Lee Iacocca learnt

8 leadership books…
…to read this year

5 essential management practices…
…illustrated through the lens of sports analytics and successful industry leaders

6 ways to…
…win an argument

32 things…
introverts with you knew

Who run the world?
Girls, according the Beyoncé. When it comes to Soccer, she’s not wrong. Congrats to the USWNT on their fourth World Cup victory. On the flip side, the USMNT lost in the Gold Cup final. It’s not just on the pitch that the women outperform the men, as it turns out that they score higher in most leadership skills too.

The Women’s World Cup has been great, hasn’t it? Quality, progression and inspiration in abundance across all 30 days of the tournament. What were my favourite moments of the WWC? Well, our good friends at Mundial covered it perfectly in one of their latest podcast episode – The Magnificent 7.

From the pitch to court, Lindsay Gottlieb became the first college head coach to join an NBA team, too.

Take on board
There was a lot of talk about hiring at the summit in Atlanta, and for good reason. It’s a crucial part of building your culture and as a leader, you need people in the organisation who will help you build towards success. The most important first step after hiring? Onboarding.

All fun and games
Until someone gets hurt, right? The hurt can come when a young athlete falls out of love with the sport, so if you don’t want this to happen then focus on fun, hard work, progress, fairness and positive coaching.

It’s the new FOMO. Instead of having the fear of missing out, flip and find the joy of it. Learn to let go of certain things. Stop trying to do everything and instead do less.

Centre stage
I think we’d all agree that an arena where people thrive under pressure is on stage at the theatre. So, if you want to excel in the big moment – think like an actor or actress.

There’s a lot of pressure standing on that stage, and there’s a lot of pressure when you know you need to excel in that big moment. So why do the most talented of people fail and choke? HBR explains.

Mental Health – let’s talk about it.


You may have seen Warren Gatland’s face appear on our social media channels recently. That’s because he’s the latest cover star of Edition 19 of our Performance Journal. For the first time ever, it’s free to read for all. Members click here. Non-members click here. Enjoy!


I mentioned Mundial’s new podcast series, GIANT, a little earlier. And that’s because it’s really great. Easy listening but also full of brilliant stories and insights. Their latest listen delves into ‘The Birth of MLS’, and after I spent some time at Atlanta United recently, it really is amazing to think how far the league has come. The Mundial boys are a top bunch too, regardless of how rubbish they are at 6-a-side. (Sorry Mike).


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