Performance | Jul 25, 2019
Our latest Special Report Navigates the Data Maze; Toto Wolff and his team deserve a whole lot of praise; Oregon students will now benefit from ‘mental health days’

Good morning people of the high performance world, here’s your bi-weekly blend of what’s happening in the world of sport. A pint of lessons, a shot of story and a big pitcher of insights all mixed together and ready to consume. Take a seat, see it off and reap the rewards. Let’s go…

5 questions, answered

1.    Matt, didn’t you tell me in the last digest there was a new Leaders Special Report out soon?
I sure did, and here it is. Navigating the Data Maze: From Raw Numbers to Valuable Insights.

2.    What lessons can we learn from the Apollo 11 mission?
Lessons of vision, teamwork, confidence and more. Although this piece by Forbes suggests they are transferable from the spaceship to the boardroom, they are definitely applicable in a sporting context, too.

3.    What were the four pillars behind England’s Cricket World Cup success?
1. Talent,
2. Technical excellence,
3. Performing under pressure,
4. Injury and physical ­performance.
Here’s the inside scoop on what they did and why.

4.    How do effective leaders overcome a lack of creativity in their team?
Follow the example some of the world’s greatest bosses, and take an important step toward instilling a culture of creativity, growth, openness, and innovation.

5.    What can baseball teach us about self-improvement?
Here are six lessons for starters. And they aren’t just applicable to MLB.

The Digest, Digested

It’s a numbers game

4 things that…
resilient teams do

3 tips on…
…how to stay curious

3 simple habits…
…that boost your happiness

5 tips on…
…how a leader can build a team of leaders

5 soft skills…
…you’ll need to be a better leader in 2020

Wolff pack
Lewis Hamilton gets most of the limelight when it comes to Mercedes F1’s success in the last few years, and rightly so considering he’s literally in the driving seat. However, the mastermind off the track is Toto Wolff. Many of you will know him, and even if you do here is how he’s made Mercedes into one of sport’s greatest teams.

Toto Wolff actually hosted England’s football manager Gareth Southgate recently, to discuss all things leadership, management and winning.

We of course were lucky enough to interview Toto back in 2016 as he was the cover star of Edition 10 of our Performance Journal – members, take a look back to see what he said.

Live and learn
As a leader, you will often live or die by the growth of your people. If the individuals aren’t learning, then neither is the organisation. A learning eco-system is the key.

If all else fails
Glass half full, or half empty? It’s difficult to see the positives in wins and losses sometimes, and the same can be said for non-game related failures. But, it should be an opportunity to reflect on your strengths as an individual, and as a team.

Hidden gems
Identifying and developing the future leaders within your organisation is a key part of any sustainable success plan. But are you looking at the right people and in the right places? Sometimes it’s not the most obvious team members that will be key to taking the organisation to the next level.

Think positive
I think we all know that positivity breeds positivity. As a leader, there are five frameworks you can use to create or enhance a positive environment – transformational, servant, spiritual, authentic and ethical leadership.

Mental health days
Obviously we have our ‘Mental Health – let’s talk about it’ section below, but I thought this was a really interesting turn of events in Oregon, USA. Teenagers are now able to take ‘mental health days’ like they would ‘sick days’ if they feel overwhelmed at school.

Mental Health – let’s talk about it.


Have you seen the first speakers confirmed for our flagship event at Twickenham? If not, here you are – prepare to out-perform at the home of England Rugby for our Sport Performance Summit London this November 12-13.


Mark Shapiro and Angus Mugford spoke about how they mic’d up their coaches at the Blue Jays’ Spring Training earlier this year. Well, it looks like Eddie Howe and AFC Bournemouth have followed suit. Self-awareness, personal development, clarity, communication.


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