Performance | Sep 18, 2019
The All Blacks’ Steve Hansen is in search of inner peace; up your curiosity if you want performance to increase; sport is about respect, even when you’re not at the crease

Hello, guten tag and ciao to my favourite set of sports peeps, here’s your bi-weekly hodgepodge of what’s happening in the world of high performance. A little bit of lesson, a whole lot of insight, and a pinch of inspiration. Sound good? Thought so. Let’s crack on.

4 questions, answered

1. Matt, how excited are you for the Rugby World Cup?  
VERY. Best of luck to all the nations in the network who are members (and bad luck to the others…I’m joking, kind of). Here are a few rugby pieces to whet your whistle.

2.     What makes Bill Belichick and the Patriots so great?
The billion dollar question. One reason is because they evolve. Don’t be afraid to use an idea.

And here’s the new(ish) kid on the block speaking brilliantly too – Coach Mcvay on Capability vs. Capacity.

3.     Do you have a list of ten things that require zero talent?
Sure do. Nicely done, Southampton FC. (via Training Ground Guru)

4.     How much does the modern footballer/soccer player cost?
Good question. Player recruitment is becoming more precise and calculated by the week, so clubs have to behave differently. A lot of it now comes down to algorithms and science.

The Digest, Digested

It’s a numbers game

10 of the…
…coolest office environments in the world

5 facts about…
…Nike’s new LeBron James Building

8 things leaders do…
…that make people quit

500 extra sessions…
…were run in the first week following the Netball World Cup

5 tips to help…
…you succeed in your new team

6 steps leaders can take…
…to get the most out of feedback

22mins on how a leader…
…broke through and improved a toxic culture

100 of America’s…
…most innovative leaders. But only 1 woman on the list. Time to do better.

6 proven tricks…
…that will make you more productive

Will the real Sean Dyche, please stand up…
It appears that rugby side Harlequins’ James Chisholm is a doppelganger of Burnley FC’s head coach, Sean Dyche. Some fun and games here, but also some really nice discussion between Sean and Quins coach Paul Gustard on comparing and learning from each other’s cultures and leadership philosophies.

Paul is one of a number of speakers at our flagship Sport Performance Summit on November 12-13 at Twickenham Stadium. Here’s the latest, updated agenda.

Want to come? Great. Here’s how to sign up…

If you’re not a member but want to come – click here to email Matt.
If you’re a member and can make the event – click here to let Rory know.

Finding your rhythm
In a world of technology and social media, interactions are becoming less frequent. That means you need to make more effort to interact as staff and athletes – alternate to collaborate is the message off the back of some new research.

Curiosity killed…nobody
The myth says that the cat died from curiosity. I’m not so sure. Curiosity is a positive – it improves decision-making, innovation, productivity and much more. So make time for it!

Jibe tribe
A unique and tribal approach to management, the CEO of T-Mobile doesn’t always mince his words when it comes to calling out his rivals. But leaders come in all shapes and sizes, and John Legere isn’t going to change. Why? “Everything I do is about one thing: inspiring people”. Hard to disagree with that.

Taking flight
The Austrian football champions are part of the growingly successful Red Bull portfolio. There’s no lack of ambition and vision at the energy drink brand, and that’s no different within sport, and in particular RB Salzburg.

Queen City
There’s a new Britney on the scene. And it’s spelt Brittni, for starters…The rise of female coaches in the NBA has accelerated in recent years, and the latest is that of Coach Donaldson in Toronto. However, it’s not been the most typical rise to the Raptors court.

Old habits die hard
Extremely hard. Want to break that habit? Then do so progressively.

Mental Health – let’s talk about it.

Jobs a good’un
The latest movers and shakers across sport performance.
Full list found here, with headlines below:


‘There’s a lot right about this picture’. You’re not wrong, Michael. Sport at its best.


Every minute, somewhere in the world, a man dies by suicide. That’s 80 sons, husbands, brothers and fathers for every 80-minute game of the Rugby World Cup. Movember want to help change that. #ManofMoreWords


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