Performance | Oct 2, 2019

If you’re done climbing Everest then it’s time for K2; don’t rush into decisions if you’re still very new; the call from Rugby stars for mental support rings true

Hallo, guten tag and servus to my favourite jungen und mädchen across the world of sport. I’m off to Oktoberfest in Stuttgart, Germany this week to celebrate a big birthday. Any recommendations very welcome, but for now here’s your bi-weekly refresh of what’s hot and what’s not in high performance. Drei, zwei, eins…go!

6 questions, answered
1.  Matt, how are things shaping up for the summit on November 12-13?
Great thank you. Here is the latest attendee list, and here is the latest agenda.

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2.   What percentage of sport leaders worldwide recognises the importance of transformation and innovation?
94%. That’s according to PwC’s Sport Survey 2019, where innovation is a major theme throughout. Well worth a read and digest.

3.   Is Everest the hardest mountain to climb in the world?
Maybe, but some say it is K2 in Pakistan. That’s how recently crowned AFL champions Richmond FC and their coach Damien Hardwick saw it, and used it to their advantage.

4.   Need some new books for your shelf?
If the answer is yes, here is a list of books from some leaders of the world’s biggest organisations.

5.   What’s better than asking for feedback?
Asking for advice.

6.   Is there any research being done into job titles and structure within sport performance?
There is. Martin Buchheit, Head of Performance at Paris Saint-Germain FC, has devised this questionnaire to gain an insight into just that, and we’re all for it. The more contributions, the better the analysis. Get involved!

The Digest, Digested

It’s a numbers game

2 key things are required…
…for a good on boarding experience

4 points on how to…
…innovate like a start-up

3 simple ways…
…to build a winning team who will push you to the top

10 ways to…
…get your mojo back

6 ways to…
declutter your mind

Fight or flight
A man after our own heart of looking outside the box for self-improvement, Harlequins Rugby Head Coach (and LSPS 2019 speaker…) Paul Gustard took his coaching team across London to Gatwick Airport to hone their communication skills. Great work by member Andy Sanger for organising the trip.

Any other stories like this from any other members? Let us know, we’d love to share them!

Houston, we have no problem
It’s a pretty decent time to be a sports fan in H-Town. There are a couple of execs at the Rockets and Astros who have shaken up the sports leadership landscape, so here is how Messrs Luhnhow and Morey have built their success to date by using risk and some left-field thinking.

Clever Trevor
His tenure as England cricket coach has come to an end, but how to assess Trevor Bayliss’ time in charge? I guess asking the players makes sense. Trevor claims to still be a player at heart, so he knows that taking the pressure off his team is an integral role of a leader.

No doubt that Bayliss’ successor will want to make an impact and stamp his authority upon the team. But research suggests that slow and steady may win the new leadership race.

More than a game
While we’re talking cricket, it’s fitting to put a piece in there about another man departing from the pavilion – that of England and Somerset CCC great, Marcus Trescothick. He’ll be remembered for runs and words equally, putting into context that it’s more than just a sport.

We’re all in this together
One topic Trescothick (and cricket on the whole) speak about is burnout, and rightly so. It can’t be underestimated. Safety in numbers could well be the way to combat and fight it.

Freed from desire…
Mind and senses purified? Well yes, those are the lyrics. But this is not a Gala-related post. Instead, it’s about desire and ‘motivated seeing’. Can you trust your own eyes? Sometimes, but not always.

Mental Health – let’s talk about it.


The future of watching (and therefore analysing) sport? It’s pretty impressive. Here are some incredible camera angles from the All Blacks vs. South Africa match. And here is how it works.


You may have heard I’m a Liverpool FC fan, so maybe I’m biased. Maybe he’s dreaming. Regardless, this is terrific from Jürgen Klopp.


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