Performance | Feb 12, 2020
Key takeaways from Charlotte, insightful and concise; to achieve your goals you need to lump and slice; get buy-in on your culture or pay a heavy price

Hello to my favourite gang of sports people, here’s your bi-weekly mishmash of what’s happening in the world of high performance. A fusion of lessons, stories, insight and inspiration. Understood? Start the car, let’s go…

5 questions, answered

1.    Matt, how did last week’s Sport Performance Summit in Charlotte go?  
Well we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and it seems those who attended did too. Great news all round. Here are the snappy key takeaways from each session, meanwhile this link will be updated with the session videos by the end of the week, so check back then.

Next stop, St. George’s Park for an agenda focused on Coach Development on 24th March 2020. Drop Rory (members) or Matt (non-members) a note if you want to join us.

2.    How did the Green Bay Packers change their culture? 
Brotherhood, buy-in, Aaron Rodgers and Matt LeFleur.

3.    Does your team have an accountability problem? 
Maybe. Is it you? Is it someone else? It’s probably something that is apparent across the whole team or organisation, so take a wider look before pointing the finger.

4.    Is willpower overrated? 
Yes, according to Prof. Wendy Wood who is widely considered to be the world’s leading expert on habits.

5.    Do you know any companies that bridge the gap between the context and unique performance environment of elite sport and the rigorous, process-driven recruitment process?
Yep, Elite Performance Partners. And we at the Leaders Performance Institute couldn’t be happier to have struck a partnership with David Slemen, Anna Edwards and the team there. More info, here.

The Digest, Digested

It’s a numbers game

4 things that top boards…
…and leadership teams do differently

6 types of…
…accidental diminishers

10 steps to creating…
…a data-driven culture

6 ways to reduce stress…
…and increase joy at work

11 things that make someone…
…instantly likeable

1 effective way to manage stage fright…
…make it a habit

Built to Perform 
Embarking on designing and building a new high performance environment is exciting, but it’s also incredibly important to get right. Here are some tips from adidas, and, in turn, Oktra, on how a successful workspace is made.

We did a bit of research and writing ourselves on high performance environments in our special report last year. Take a read.

Right in front of your nose
It’s a classic build vs. buy strategy. Sometimes you should look within, before searching and spending outside of your building. Invest in the talent you already have.

Lump and slice
If you’re struggling with short term targets, lump them together into a larger goal to give them more meaning. On the flipside, if long-term goals feel arduous, slice them into more achievable tasks. As Adam Grant put it, ‘Zoom out for purpose. Zoom in for progress.’

Bringing out the best
The sports world still reveres Kobe Bryant, and nobody knew him quite like Shane Battier, who actually didn’t know him at all… except on the court. The lesson? Embrace your rivals, they’ll probably make you better.

Wake up and smell the coffee
Or don’t, for a while at least. It might help you feel the real effects of caffeine.

Mental Health – let’s talk about it.

Diversity and Equality – let’s do something about it.


Start with kindness, encourage adventure’. Be that leader, coach, or just person.


It would be quite easy to listen to Rugby World Cup-winning Coach Rassie Erasmus talk about sacrifice, ownership and teamwork all day. More on the new Twitter account here, and I’m sure there will be more to follow.


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