Performance | Apr 1, 2020
By Matthew Stone

Good morning team. Everyone at Leaders HQ sends you our best wishes and hopes you’re all safe and in good health. We’re all still here for all of you and the rest of the high-performance community. With that in mind, we have some news…

We’re here to create a world which enables leaders to outperform – which is why we wanted to do more during these unusual times. So, for the first time ever, if you’re not a member and work for an elite team, league, federation or governing body you too can experience what it’s like to be part of our unrivalled network for free for the next two months.

No strings attached and no catch, we want to help you fill your time at home by continuing to be informed, inspired and educated. So, experience what 700+ individuals and 100+ organisations are part of for the next two months.

Click the link below to sign up. Send it to all your colleagues and to other people in your network who you think will enjoy it and benefit. We’re all in this together.

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Now, let’s get cracking with another mix of lessons, stories and insight. Ready, steady, go!

5 questions, answered

1.    Matt, how did your first virtual event go last week? 
Well, we had just under 700(!) of you tuned in from all over the world, and of those that did join us enjoyed it half as much as we enjoyed hosting it, then I’d deem it a roaring success.

Some great insights from Jamie Robinson (The FA), Lucero Tagle (Google), Steve Borthwick (Leicester Tigers) and Jonnie Noakes (Eton College), alongside some expert hosting by Michael Caulfield and Simon Jones. All key takeaways from the day can be found here. And while we’re at it, here are some reflections from our Partners here at the LPI, Elite Performance Partners, on the attributes needed by a successful coach.

2. Why do we all love Luke Skywalker, Diana Prince and Harry Potter?
Because everyone loves the hero. But it’s the obstacles that they overcome that makes the hero. So be more like Diana, Luke and Harry. Overcome obstacles, don’t stop at them.

3. Have you already worked your way through your bookshelf since being at home?
Here are 12 great books to make the most of your time.

4. Deal or no deal? 
Another plug for Adam Grant’s WorkLife podcast. It’s just great. This episode is on ‘The Science of the Deal’ – negotiating, results, relationships. Oh, and givers are smarter than takers.

5. Need some tools to help you through this coronavirus pandemic?
Here’s 111 of them. And they’re all free.

The Digest, Digested

It’s a numbers game

4 inspiring stories…
…to read if you feel like giving up

8 ways to…
manage your team while social distancing

3 surprising benefits…
…of flow state

10 fact-based steps…
…to a virus crisis, in 1 minute.

7 ways to get…
…a good night’s sleep, according to neuroscience

Routine check
You may well be finding yourself in a limbo at the moment, especially when it comes to working patterns. That’s a feeling that writers especially suffer from, and creating patterns in your day is a way to help to combat it. Some case studies and tips here.

Failing successfully
It’s easier said than done to learn from your mistakes as an organisation. It takes bravery to commit to that. But it’s what the best organisations do. They embed experimentation in their strategy.

Teamwork makes the dream work
When it comes to team management and leadership best practice, there has been research published for decades. To help make sense of it, MIT Sloan have chosen a dozen essential insights on managing teams here.

After you learn from your mistakes and continue to innovate and think creatively, what’s the next step? Finding the gaps.

Bringing out the best
They say you learn the most about people when their backs are against the wall. Well, we’re all up against it a bit at the moment. Don’t be afraid to let bad times bring the best out of your team, and in you.

But don’t be quick to forget it. Don’t panic. Believe in solidarity and the good in human nature.

Mental Health – let’s talk about it.

Diversity and Equality – let’s do something about it.


Rather than list out all the articles, I thought I’d share a terrific website I use a lot for advice and articles. Thrive Global. It’s mainly aimed at wellbeing and burnout, but there is advice in abundance. Check it out!


Leaders’ Head of Content, Mr. David Cushnan, put together this thread of some great podcasts from the last week or so. And here they are. One more to add to this is the Leaders Performance Podcast of course, which can befound here. We’re planning on pushing a new podcast series very soon too, so stay tuned…


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