Performance | Sep 23, 2020
High performance is evolving, and so are we; don’t just look after them, remember to look after me; how to spot anxiety in a fellow employee.

Happy Wednesday one and all. Everyone here at the Leaders Performance Institute hopes you’re healthy, well, and making progress both professionally and personally on navigating back to a new normal.

By Matthew Stone

This week’s Digest coincides with a new era for the Leaders Performance Institute as we unveil a new look and feel for the institute and lift a lid on the ever increasing number of resources available to our members to help them thrive now, and in the future.
As ever, here’s another bi-weekly collection of news, insights, stories and tips from across the industry and beyond. Enjoy!

5 questions, answered

1. Matt – what’s new at the Leaders Performance Institute?

A lot of exciting things my friends. The world of high performance is evolving, and so are we. Welcome to the home of total high performance.

2. How can I learn more effectively?

Take more breaks.

3. Do people prefer to see individuals or a team go on a winning streak?    

Individuals. Here’s why.

4. How can you lead from the future?

By inspiring and mobilising your organisation.

5. Who is looking after the mental health of leaders?

Sometimes leaders struggle, too.

The Digest, Digested

It’s a numbers game

6 key traits leaders must develop…

…for the future of work.

5 principles to guide…

adaptive leadership.

7 phrases…

…of feedback grief.

5 key insights…

…to turn everyday activities into soulful practices.

4 questions to help women…

…navigate the second half of their careers.


COVID Corner – because right now, we’re all in this together

Healthy competition

Dull tasks that players or staff don’t look forward to? Try gamifying it like adidas, as it can help improve engagement and motivation.

Analyse this

It takes a hell of a lot of work to change a culture at a sports team, and building one that is centred on analysis is exactly what Sam Stanton at Bristol City has been trying to do.

Stranger things

Do you ever find you or your athletes just click even though you or they have never met before? Here’s why.

Practice Makes Perfect?

Maybe not.


Diversity and Equality – let’s do something about it

Mental Health – let’s talk about it


Who wouldn’t love to have a sports stadium named after them? £10 and that could be a reality. Cracking initiative from Hampton & Richmond Borough FC.


Good friend of Leaders Adam Alter was on Russell Brand’s podcast, Under the Skin. Discussion on the rise of technology addiction. Well worth the listen.


Our latest piece in the mini-series with Elite Performance Partners – Are You Ready to Shoot your Performance ‘Sacred Cows’? 

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