Performance | Jan 13, 2021
Lots of member benefits to kick-start your year; Edition 22 of our Performance Journal is here; are men or women better in a crisis? The answer is clear.

Happy new year one and all! Everyone here at the Leaders Performance Institute hopes you had a great Christmas and 2021 has started prosperously.

By Matthew Stone

Many of you were of course busier than ever over this holiday period, so if that was the case we hope you thrived and survived and you can continue to navigate this new normal world you find yourselves working in. Please do reach out if we can assist with anything.

A first bunch of news, insights and stories to whet your whistle. So grab a coffee, sit down and have read. Hopefully you enjoy!

6 questions, answered 

1. Matt – any new publications for me to ready and help me kick-start my year?  

There is indeed. Edition 22 of our Performance Journal is here and we’re proud to have Australian cricket Head Coach Justin Langer takes his place on the cover, as well as insights from McLaren F1, the Seattle Storm, GB Hockey and renowned neuroscientist Dr Rock. Enjoy!

2. Are there any new Leaders podcasts to listen to, too?

Yes there is. Before Christmas, Elite Performance Partners’ very own David Slemen co-hosted an episode discussing The Power of Diverse Thinking with England Cricket Performance Director, Mo Bobat.

There is a new At Home with Leaders episode out too, this time with former Australia Rugby Union Head Coach, Michael Cheika, which is in partnership with our partners Keiser. He’s recently spent time with Argentina Rugby Union before switching codes to work with the Sydney Roosters and now taking the top job with Lebanon’s national team.

3. Didn’t get any new books for Christmas?

Fear not, here is Adam Grant’s recommendations of new leadership books to launch in 2021. Make room on that bookshelf.

4. Need some advice for a better 2021?

Here’s some from Yale School of Management.

5. And what were the main bits of advice that got us through 2020?

Here are some pearls of wisdom that kept us all going the last 12 months.

6. Are men or women better leaders during a crisis?


The Digest, Digested

It’s a numbers game

9 motivational athlete quotes…

… to help you reach your goals.

1 task…

… at a time.

7 types of…

rest every person needs.

3 psychological traits…

… of all self-determined people.

5 key insights…

… on how to calibrate your decisions wisely.

4 keys that…

… could unlock procrastination.

5 tips to help…

… create strong relationships.

COVID Corner – because right now, we’re all in this together

Members, assemble!

We’re giving all our members an opportunity to get together in a relaxed setting to touch base with others, meet new people and share their main priorities and interests for the year ahead. The 2021 Member Kick-off Session will take place on 21st January @ 4pm GMT, and if you’d like to join us, the link is here.

Start as you mean to go on

Some tips from the London Business School Leadership Institute on how to start 2021 in a strong place.

Someone else who is ready to hit the ground running this year is Terry Francona. The Manager of the Cleveland baseball team spoke to us about leadership, longevity and being a baseball ‘lifer’.

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that 2021 will be any better than 2020. So, we better start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable – or ‘embrace the suck’ as Steve and Dave would say.

The Future of football

Or soccer, to our North American friends. Every sport and their disciples are always looking for a competitive advantage, and when it comes to football the answers may well be numbers, knowledge and better set pieces. Some similarities with the other football then, maybe?

Silence is golden

Sometimes it’s awkward, other times it’s not. But some of the most successful leaders embrace the ‘awkward silence’, rather than fear it. It gives you more opportunity to think before you speak.

No Eton mess

Implementing innovation in a traditional organisation can sometimes be problematic, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at Eton College. Friend of Leaders and the school’s Director of Teaching and Learning, Johnnie Noakes, has helped to introduce the use of AI to assist students to improve their punctuation and grammar.

Diversity and Equality – let’s do something about it

Mental Health – let’s talk about it


Visual summary of a Thinkers50 webinar on the topic of mastering the art of reframing a problem.


As you may hear in our latest At Home With Leaders episode with Michael Cheika, he’s been hosting his own show called ‘On the Record’. Guests include Lisa Alexander, Michael Gervais and Brian O’Driscoll. Find it here on Spotify and here on iTunes.

Our aim at the Leaders Performance Institute is to connect the most forward-thinking people to discuss best practice and challenge each other’s thinking, so please feel free to reach out.

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