Performance | Feb 10, 2021
Inside the Institute so far this year; so long Wednesday, it’s time for some Lillördag cheer; why Tony Hawk showing struggle is nothing to fear.

Good morning. Guten Morgen. Buongiorno! I hope you’ve had a good week so far. Busy no doubt, and won’t be letting up any time soon. Lots has happened already this year (as you’ll see below) and there is lots to come in the next month. As ever, please do reach out if we can assist with anything. Anything at all.

By Matthew Stone

Another collection of news, insights and stories to whet your whistle. So grab a tea, take a seat and have a read. Enjoy!

6 questions, answered 

1. Matt – what’s happened Inside the Institute so far in 2021?

As luck would have it, we’ve started a new series to inform you of the key learnings from our members across each month. Credit to my colleague Luke for pulling these together in one place, we hope you find them useful. Here’s the first summary for January.

2. What’s the secret to building resilience?

Start by understanding the critical importance of growing, maintaining, and tapping a diverse network to help you ride out the storm.

But stop telling kids to be resilient. Do this instead.

3. How can leaders and organisations encourage employees to speak up when they see wrongdoing?

Tips from HBR on how to help reduce bystander silence with the right triggers, the right tools, and all types of voices, here.

4. How do you reason with unreasonable people?

Don’t try to change someone else’s mind. Instead, help them find their own motivation to change.

5. Are talent and hard work mutually exclusive?

They’re not. Time to debunk the myth of the lazy genius.

6. I’ve read all the books I got for Christmas, any more recommendations?

The Next Big Idea Club have released their long-list of books to read this spring. Always some gems in here.

The Digest, Digested

It’s a numbers game

3 science-based ways strategies…

… to increase your creativity.

4 opinions on what…

… makes Tom Brady so great.

5 insights into…

… patterns of human connection.

6 tips for professionals with…

… high-functioning anxiety.

12 life lessons…

… from Gian-Carlo Rota.

COVID Corner – because right now, we’re all in this together

I saw a lot of new articles about the topic this week. It’s not surprising, and there is a lot written about it at the moment. I’ve collated them all below for ease.

If you’re struggling to manage burnout within your team at the moment, you won’t be alone. Remember to reach out to us so we can help your halve those problems by speaking to others in our network about how they’re combatting it.

Fuelling winning performances

Nutrition often doesn’t get the credit it deserves for just how crucial a platform it is for reaching, delivering and sustaining high performance. Science in Sport tell us why, and how.

Learn to learn better

A wise man once said: ‘Every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain’. I lied, it wasn’t a wise man, it was Homer Simpson. Instead, when you learn something new your brain changes, so the thought of being born with an ability to learn things well isn’t quite true.

Mistaken identity

Identity is arguably the most important thing a team and organisation needs right now. It can be a competitive edge, and it gives the fans belief. Rory Smith gives his opinion of what good and bad looks like in the Premier League at the moment.

And more success means more fan loyalty, right? Not necessarily.

Player care

Sometimes taken for granted, but the roles organisations probably couldn’t perform without are those within the player care department. Hugo Scheckter believes player care is firmly part of the multidisciplinary performance team, and here’s why.

Listen up

Because it’s becoming a lost art.

Diversity and equality – let’s do something about it

Mental health – let’s talk about it


Leadership is about showing the struggle, not just the result’. Laszlo Bock with the quote, Tony Hawk with the 720.


Have you heard of the phrase Lillördag? Nope, me neither. But I’m a fan.


Adam Grant’s new book Think Again is now out and ready for you to add to your bookshelf. Don’t hesitate, it’ll be brilliant. I’ll be reading it myself shortly.

Our aim at the Leaders Performance Institute is to connect the most forward-thinking people to discuss best practice and challenge each other’s thinking, so please feel free to reach out.

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