Performance | Nov 17, 2021
A Sport Performance Summit, 727 days later; 100 mental models to make your decision-making greater; the role of a coach is more than being a great communicator.

Hello. Cześć. Chào bạn! Well, wasn’t it wonderful to see each other last week at our first Sport Performance Summit in two years at Twickenham Stadium. If you couldn’t make it, we missed you. But lots in the pipeline for 2022, so stay tuned for news on that in the weeks to come…

By Matthew Stone

As ever, whether you’re pre, mid or post-season, let us know if we can help or assist you or your team with anything.

For now, here’s another compilation of news, insights and stories from across high performance. Grab your brew, take a pew and enjoy the view!

4 questions, answered 

1. Matt – how was last week’s Sport Performance Summit at Twickenham Stadium?

We loved seeing, hosting and chatting to over 200 of you in person for the first time in two years, and hope you enjoyed it, too. We couldn’t have done any of it without our wonderful Main Partners Keiser, Abu Dhabi Sports Council and Aspetar.

Whether you were there or not, we’ve unlocked the Key Takeaways from Day 1 for our Digest readers. If you’re a member, recordings of the sessions are being added to the Intelligence Hub as we speak.

2. Do hot streaks in your career happen by accident?

No. You need to explore, then exploit. Researchers analysed 26,500 artists, film directors, and scientists, and found that their most impactful works were clustered in streaks. David Epstein shares his thoughts, too.

3. What’s the best way to make intelligent decisions?

Here’s a guide that includes 100 mental models and explains all you need to know about them.

4. Are you a proactive person? 

Take a pulse check. Encourage others to be proactive, too – model it, celebrate it, enable it.

It’s a numbers game

5 myths…

… about management

7 books to help you turn…

… anyone into a friend

4 quadrants…

… of leadership development

5 simple ways to…

… boost your productivity

14 insights into how…

… talents and personality influence leadership performance

Covid Corner – we’re getting there, slowly but surely…

The role of a coach

Whether you are a coach or manager, the role is so much more than the job title suggests. So much is done before they even step on a training field, and Adidas’ Alberto Uncini Manganelli discusses the importance of defining responsibilities and setting parameters.

Decision time

Making the correct collective judgement can take time with so many opinions and stakeholders, but here are some useful strategies to help you influence how these decisions get made.


The most dominant club team in world football/soccer? It could well be Barcelona Femení. They aren’t satisfied, either. They expect to become even better.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion – let’s do something about it

Mental health and wellbeing – let’s talk about it


As I said earlier, the session videos are currently being added to the Content Hub. One already up was our first of the summit, and what a start it was. Here’s Billy Millard and Danny Care of Harlequins FC, alongside David Fletcher from Loughborough University, giving us a case study of what leadership, culture and identity means to them.


James O’Brien speaks to Michael Holding, who, if you didn’t already know, is one of the great West Indies cricketers, was one of the most engaging sport commentators, and one of the powerful voices that arose from the Black Lives Matter movement in recent years.


Taking an organisation-wide approach to mental health and wellbeing, brought to you by Keiser, our Main Partners.

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