Performance | Jan 26, 2022
Quins, Brentford and Google in our latest Special Report; lessons from IKEA on building a culture of support; 5 questions every manager should ask their direct report.

Hello. Shalom. Avuxeni! With February almost upon us (this month has flown by, hasn’t it?) we all hope you’ve had a brilliant start to 2022.

By Matthew Stone

Hopefully you’ve seen what’s coming up here at Leaders, including webinars, virtual roundtables and events but, if not, then please get in touch. And, of course, reach out if we can help with anything personally or organisationally. It’s why we’re here!

If you haven’t seen or heard, we have our first webinar of the year today. Sponsored by Keiser, with the theme of ‘Data Decision Making in a High-Performance Environment’, we have Kate Weiss (Seattle Mariners) and Jordan Ott (Brooklyn Nets) speaking to Steve Gera (Gains Group) about their experiences and thoughts on the topic. It’s free to sign up and watch, and all the info is here.

For now, here’s another compilation of news, insights and stories from across high performance. Grab your brew, take a pew and enjoy the view!
5 questions, answered 

1. Matt – how do I nurture a positive high performance set-up?

Well it’s a good thing you asked, because our latest Special Report, sponsored by Keiser, explores just that. Download the report here, and read the thoughts of Harlequins FC, Brentford FC, the Toronto Blue Jays, Google and more on how they are enhancing their environments.

2. How can I brighter my winter?

With 12 ‘new idea’ books from Adam Grant’s latest reading list.

If you’re really struggling at this time of year (it’s okay, you’re not alone) then here are 5 strategies from GQ that may help. Don’t bottle things up, it’s okay not to be okay.

3. How does IKEA maintain a culture for 170,000 global employees?

Here are some thoughts from Ulrika Biesèrt, the organisation’s Head of People & Culture, on why culture and values are at the core of everything they do – especially now as they continue to come out of the pandemic.

4. What is a ‘Master of Exclusion’? 

Ask Eddie Jones, the England Rugby men’s Head Coach. He believes that sustaining success means challenging tradition and not being afraid to break up performance programmes. He told us all about it here, in The Big Interview brought to you by Keiser.

5. Should a company culture feel ‘like a family’?

Not always, which may surprise you. Having a culture that has a family feel has mostly been seen as a positive, but that’s not always the case.

It’s a numbers game

5 books to help…

… make it a productive year

7 F1-inspired tips…

… for a healthier you

5 questions every manager…

… needs to ask their direct reports

7 questions to ask yourself…

… before a big life change


The Netaverse

Nope, not a typo. The Brooklyn Nets have moved quickly to jump on the metaverse bandwagon by giving their fans an opportunity to experience their players on the court in a completely new and virtual way.

Job’s a good’un

Our friends at Orlando Magic are hiring for a Director of Performance Nutrition, so if you think you could be a good fit, or know somebody who is, then get in touch with them. While we’re on the topic, if you have a role that you’re hiring for and would like me to include it in this Digest, then send it over. Happy to help spread the word!

Rude awakening

They say a little kindness goes a long way. Well, the same can be said for rudeness, unfortunately.

If first you don’t succeed…

… fail, fail again. Get comfortable with disappointment if you want to build new habits.

Talk, talk, talk

Being great at having conversations with peers and colleagues are great traits of a high performing leader. Here’s how you can master the art of communication, according to psychology.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion – let’s do something about it

Before I list off the other great recent DE&I content, I wanted to let you know about my colleague, fellow Coventry University alumni and good friend Javan Odegah, who has been helping to make a big impact across the industry in the DE&I space in the last 18 months. He’s taken another big step by launching the ‘Leaders in EDI’ podcast. His first guest is the Premier Leagues’ Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Iffy Onoura – take a listen, and spread the word if you enjoyed it!

Mental health and wellbeing – let’s talk about it



You may have seen that it’s not just sports teams and organisations that are members of ours. We love to look to other fields of excellence to gain lessons and insights. Here’s some from the UK Ministry of Defence’s Henry Cheetham via our latest podcast, brought to you by Keiser, discussing the importance of self-sufficient operators, and building rapport in multidisciplinary environments.


The How to Fail podcast explores what the interviewees’ failures taught them about how to fail better. It’s great. Here’s one of the latest episodes with Professor and best-selling author Brené Brown, hosted by Elizabeth Day.


How to feel more pride.

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