Performance | May 29, 2019
Reflections on a day spent at the City Football Academy.

The sense across a day of insight at the City Football Academy in Manchester was of a topic – wellbeing in elite sport – finally reaching a tipping point into the main discourse.

By John Portch

Themes covered ranged from developing performance environments and the fulfilment duties of care, to resilience and mental health. Leaders Performance Institute members both gleaned and shared knowledge in equal measure at a fitting venue that brought together elite sports practitioners from across the globe. The key insights can be found here – if you are a Leaders Performance Institute member.

Throughout the day, we caught up with a number of speakers and moderators to gain a sense of what insights they were taking from the day.

You will hear from:

  • David Fletcher, Director of Performance Psychology & Management at Loughborough University, on notions of assessing and developing resilience and where the balance is to be struck between challenge and support [3:00];
  • Simon Kemp, Medical Services Director at the Rugby Football Union, discussing steps that enable both athletes and staff to thrive and flourish in a high performance environment [17:00];
  • Matti Clements, Deputy Director of Athlete Wellbeing & Engagement at the Australian Institute of Sport, on building out the fundamentals and adopting a startup mentality when it comes to wellbeing [26:00];
  • John Bull, Head of High Performance at Management Futures, discussing his initial thoughts on the day’s proceedings, which he viewed from his position as compere [34:30].

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Ep 43: Brad Stulberg, author of Peak Performance

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Why not download the latest Leaders Performance Special Report? The focus for this very edition is wellbeing in elite sport and features organisations as diverse as the City Football Group, the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Ineos Team UK America’s Cup sailing team.

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