Human Performance, Performance | Dec 13, 2019
The Houston Rockets' Director of Athletic Performance has been in elite sport for 20 seasons and here he discusses supplement usage and S&C practices across both MLB and the NBA.

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“First of all, whether it be with the Tigers or the Rockets, it’s always been a food-first approach.”

By John Portch

The Leaders Performance Podcast has asked Javair Gillett, who serves as the Director of Athletic Performance at the NBA’s Houston Rockets, how he works to educate the playing group around their use of supplements.

“NSF has been instrumental,” he continues. “I brought that over from baseball.” Gillett spent 14 years with the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball before moving on to the Rockets, where he has spent the past six seasons. NSF Certified for Sport® supplements are mandated throughout MLB but Gillett brought it with him to the NBA.

“I want to protect the athlete and I also need to protect my staff and the organisation.”

Over the course of a wide-ranging chat about S&C practices, we covered:

  • Building S&C programs in both MLB and the NBA [2:34];
  • The challenge of getting athlete buy-in [5:11];
  • Why baseball players are particularly willing to buy into supplements [7:06];
  • Gillett’s view that modern NBA players are not prepped for load in live play [13:28];
  • Advice he’d offer to aspiring S&C coaches [16:29].

Contact Javair Gillett @javairgillett 

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